Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 9 stats

LH: 6.98
Estrogen: 111
Progesterone: 1.71

My visit today was business as usual: ultrasound and bloodwork.  There is a new girl there who does the blood work.  The other girl who used to do it is still there but she hasn't taken my blood at all this cycle.  Anyways, this new girl.. I have to wonder if she's REALLY new... my right arm is seriously bruised.  She's not very gentle :(  

My ultrasound today was with the new doctor of the clinic (who was just added to the practice).  It is usually just a nurse who does it, but on certain days this new doctor is there and a nurse sits in the room with him while he does it.  This guy has the worst bedside manners of all time.  Last cycle he commented on my thin lining and just looked at me and said "I just don't see this working.  Our goal is to get you in and out and back to your OBGYN.. and it looks like you'll probably be with us a little longer"  Nice.   I know honesty is the best policy, but there are ways to be more tactful about it, no? I even told my real doctor about this when Jon and I met with him after the negative results and he wasn't pleased.  I felt like I ratted the guy out!  I haven't seen the new doc since that one ultrasound last month.. until today. 

My heart sank when he walked in.  The nurse usually moves the screen so I can see what she's looking at and she'll explain everything.  This guy is like Dr. Secret-Keeper and keeps the screen to himself.  He just makes an already awkward situation even more awkward.  A nurse (old blood girl) was in the room just standing in the corner not saying anything. The doctor was quiet through most of it.  He made comments here and there "lining looks good"... more silence... then said... "right side has small follicles... hmm" .... "left side.. well.. there is a larger one... but it's only one... how much of a dose are you taking each day? hmmm"  You just feel like you are second guessing the whole cycle as he sits and squashes all your hopes and dreams.  Then when it was over he was like "well, just be patient... this looks like it'll be slow for you.  I know we want you to be progressing more, but just be patient for now."  So, again, I left the ultrasound feeling like "what just happened??"

I go back on Friday and Jon is going to come with me!  Hurray!  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I will progress more.   The other thing that happened with this appointment that wasn't normal was some of my blood work.  My estrogen went down a little.  When they called to tell me that they said "your doctor isn't too concerned about it because it didn't drop a lot"  which means... this isn't completely normal.  The goal is to get your estrogen levels up... like towards 800. 

Dear Body, please do what you're supposed to do.  Thanks.  Heart - Crystal

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