Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 11 Stats

Jon made it home last night safe and sound.  I love Thursdays!  As he unpacked we watched a recorded episode of the Sing Off.  Vocal Point from BYU is on it and they have been rockin' it.  It was a good night. 

So, the appointment today was much better!!  My doctor (Dr. Griffith) was there and he did the ultrasound.  Hands down- he is a billion times better than Dr. Secret-Keeper (that's his nickname...).  Jon was able to come so that was nice.  The other great thing was that the new blood girl wasn't there today and the old blood girl was- hallelujah!  She took one look at my arm and was like "Woah!  What has she been doing to you!??"  I told you I was bruised!   I only have one good vein and the rest are real wimpy. 

I have a history of having "slow going" blood so I always have to drink a ton of water to help with that.  The only downside is that for my ultrasound, they want you to come with an empty bladder.  I went to the restroom right before we got to the doc office and while I was waiting.  The wait was longer than usual today too.  So, during my ultrasound you could see my bladder.. and my doc decided to crack the "i'm a psychic" joke by telling me I'd have to make a "pee stop" soon.  Heh, nice.

Anyways, the ultrasound was much better than last time.  My fav nurse, June was there too.  They were all happy to see Jon. 

June:  "You brought a husband with you today!!"
Jon: "I do exist, I promise."
Dr. G: "Yeah, I've seen him at least 2 times- so I know he's real!"

During the ultrasound, Dr. G measured a follicle on my left side measuring in at 15mm.  I have a few other medium sized ones (10 and 11) but this one is the biggest.  My lining looks good and we're moving right along.   Dr. G was like "that's a beauty!  Wooo-wee!! Look at that!"  haha... he was all smiles and excited.  Much better than the other guy that was a serious downer "yeah, looks like it'll be a while.. keep your hope alive"  thanks, buddy...  :)  We do have a lof respect for Dr. G.  He knows his stuff.  Fun fact about him: he spent time in the army as a doctor.

I got my blood work back:

LH: 5.12
Estrogen: 316
Progesterone: 1.76

Today is Friday, right?  So, what happens when you have a weekend and it looks like your follicles could start to ovulate?  You go into the doc office on Saturday.  We are listed to clean the church tomorrow too.  Sorry, Jon... you'll be by yourself.  I have to go to a different doctor's office too.  It takes about 45mins to get there.  Blah.  So that'll be business as usual... blood and ultrasound.  Fun.  My poor arm hasn't had time to heal!!  It does look much better than it did on Wednesday.  Tonight I give myself a shot again and then depending on my results tomorrow I might do the Bravelle shot as usual or I could possible have to do the hcg trigger shot (to aide the ovulation).  Craziness. 

I'm expecting that the IUI (well, there will be two of them) will probably be some time this week.  There are few downsides to that:  a. Jon won't be here and b. I have no idea when both IUIs will take place.  You just can't plan for it.  So, if I asked someone to go with me it would be like the day before... and I would have to hope their schedule was clear.   We'll see what happens.

Well, thanks for sticking this post out.  I will leave you with a picture of Sookie. She got stuck under the couch yesterday.  It was hilarious.  She wasn't stuck for very long, promise.  LOL.. a little tight under there, eh?


Stephanie Hall said...

Yeah for big follicles!!!!

Nicole said...

Wow Crystal! I hope you get more of Dr. G instead of Dr. Stink-face. If you need anything, let me know. Really. I'm pretty much always around.

The Miguel Family said...

What is an IUI? Also I think are you are amazing. I pretty much hate going to the doctor and you are so brave. Good luck with everything to come! Love you!