Friday, October 14, 2011

Proof that Jon is still alive!!

I cannot tell you how awesome it has been to have Jon home this week.  I feel spoiled!  He leaves on Monday again... but such is life.  I am so thankful for him and for how hard he works.  I am really proud of him.  I know I couldn't do his job!! 

The best part about this week is that he had to work from home because he can't connect to his client from his work office (due to security reasons)... so he HAS to work from home.. nope.. no way around it :)  He had to go into his work office today, but that's usually the standard thing for him on Fridays.  Anyways, he works upstairs in the "game room".  Our old kitchen table is up there (thanks, Anne for helping me get it up there!!  We did good work that day!) and that's where he camps out when he works from home.  Nothing to distract him up there.. other than the cat sometimes. 

Here is what the set up looks like:

And yes.. those are 2 laptops you are seeing... craziness.. both for work. 

He goes back to Milwaukee on Monday.  However, we do have something to look forward too... he has 3 full weeks there and then we are getting on a boat and CRUISING for 5 days to Cozumel and Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico!!  I found an amazing deal on VacationsToGo (they have the best prices compared to everyone else) about 6 months ago and we have just been looking forward to it!  How is this all going to work out with the current infertility cycle I'm on... no idea.  I'm not too worried.  It'll all work out.  If I need to go to the doctor the Monday morning we leave, I can do that.  Excitement!!


Anne said...

Hope you can find more weeks like that!

Stephanie C. said...

Hope you have a fun time with Jon!! I'm so sorry to hear about your infertility trial. My friend here is planning on doing IUI as well. Fingers crossed for both of you!!!