Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of Dr visits

This morning Jon flew out again to Milwaukee.  It was so good to have him home this last week!  I miss him already.  So, to stop myself from getting too mushy about him being gone, I wanted to share with you something a little funny.  Someone in Milwaukee wanted to play a practical joke and decided to write something on the roof of their building to give people a panic attack as they were flying into the city.  Jon sees this every week and the first time he saw it he called me to tell me about it when he got off the plane thinking it was hilarious :)

The picture was from google sightseeing

Awesome.  Haha!

Anyways, this week I have a lot of doctor appointments.  I had one this morning.  Good ol' blood work and ultrasound.  I have another one on Wednesday and I'm assuming I'll have one again on Friday.  I just wanted to write down the stats of today's visit. 

For those of you who may be wondering what the ultrasound is for, I'll explain.  It's an inner ultrasound where they can measure your lining and also measure follicles (sacs that hold your eggs and release them when you ovulate) in your ovaries.  Last cycle, I had good sized follicles, but a really thin lining (which means that the chance of implantation was thought to be slim).  This was due to the medication I was on.  I was responding great with the follicles, but not so great with my lining. 

Anyways, today is cycle day 7.  My lining is measuring in at 6 (last time the thickest it got was a 3).  Then I had a few follicles around 10mm.  A mature follicle for someone not on meds avg around 18 and those who are on meds can get as large as 24mm. 

Then here are hormone stats:

LH:  7.96
Progesterone:  1.81
Estridol (estrogen):  118

My doctor says that I am right on track and right where he wants me to be. Yay!! Finally something good!  The nurse, June, who did my ultrasound was all excited.  She said "you respond amazing to these injections!"  So, I will continue with the shots and then go back on Wednesday morning to see how I'm progressing. 

Tonight will be the first night I'm alone to give myself a shot.  Mind over matter.  It really doesn't hurt at all... it's just the thought of actually doing it is what sketches me out.  It's not a normal thing to do to yourself... so it's natural to be sketched out... right??   

Last thing.. I'm not the only one who had to get a shot today. Sookie had a doc appointment at the vet.  It was her yearly visit and she had to get two shots.  Heh, poor thing was all confused when we got home.  She could barely walk in a straight line.  Now she is passed out on the couch.  I have a feeling she'll be there for the rest of the day... oh to be a cat.  Life would be much more simple :)


Jon said...

Every time a new team member flies in for the first time they mention the Cleveland sign and how it gave them a momentary panic attack. I think it's hilarious.

Vanessa said...

Glad to hear that things are looking good. Hope it continues that way**fingers crossed**

Brittny said...

Good luck Crystal! You're so brave, I don't know that I'd be able to do what you're doing. We're rooting for you guys!!