Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One of those days...

I just wanted to write this down before I forget... it'll be something to laugh at later :)

So, there are days that seem never ending and like nothing could get any worse.  As parents, we've all been there.  Getting puked on by a baby while the cat is throwing up... and then you have another baby crying at the same time.  You just don't have as many hands as you need!  Well, Sunday night-Monday (April 1st) morning was one of those times.

Sunday night I was feeding Ashlyn at the 10pm feeding.  She was taking her formula like a champ!  She had just finished her bottle and as I was taking it out of her mouth, she started to make a funny face.  Then, out of no where- it all came back up and the poor thing had formula coming out of her nose!  It literally shot out of her nose and hit Jon who was sitting on the floor next to me feeding Alton.  Jon just started laughing because he couldn't believe how much distance she got!  We cleaned everything up and put the babies down for the night.

I got up with Ashlyn at 2:30am and fed her.  While feeding her I heard Jon get up and he was mumbling something.  I didn't hear Alton crying upstairs, so I didn't know what was up.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said, "The cat threw up."  Great.  So, he was in the bedroom cleaning that up.  I couldn't help him because Ashlyn was sucking down her bottle. I was hoping this wouldn't foreshadow the rest of the night. For some reason, she takes her bottle like a champ at the 2:30am feeding.  I don't know what it is, but she sucks it down like Alton! Anyways, she did pretty well and she went back down pretty fast.  Alton started making some noise when I put her down.  I made sure he hadn't slid down in his crib (I have blankets under the mattress to keep them elevated).  I went back downstairs and went to bed.

Between then at about 5:30am I had to get up 2x to calm Alton down.  Then at 5:30am he started wailing!  Jon's alarm was about to go off to get up for the day and Jon was super grumpy (can you blame him? Cat throw up at 2:30am and now this. BTW- I hate waking up before the alarm!).  He got up to help Alton because we were able to see him on the camera monitor that he had rolled to the side and was hitting his head on the side of the crib.  I ended up taking over and Alton ended up going into the swing until just before 7am.  It calmed him down pretty well.

We had a Dr. appt for Ashlyn on Monday morning (8:10am) so we needed to make sure we were ready to go and start the feeding right at 7am so we could make it in time.  The feeding started and Jon was feeding Ashlyn. She was crying, Jon was tired, she wasn't latching or swallowing... so Jon's grumpy level started to go up.  Then... our cat, Sookie, started to dig her food out of her bowl so that the food went all over the floor.  Alton was in my arms just sucking down his bottle and then before I knew it... Jon was burping Ashlyn and then she threw up all over his work shoes and a nearby play mat.  Yikes.  I was half expecting Sookie to join in by throwing up, but thankfully, she didn't.

We got all cleaned up and got everyone ready and headed out.  We even got to the appt. early!  What a morning... it wasn't even 8 am yet :)  Oh the things that happen.  It is frustrating, but when you look back on it, it's something to remember.  We are so very grateful to have these sweet babies.  Even when they spit at us :)


Camber said...

Oh man, what a rough night! That's some impressive projectile vomit. I'm glad you have the perspective to see that this will be funny...someday :)

Brittny said...

I think it was their April Fool's Day joke. They just got an early start :P Sorry you had such a rough day! Good luck!