Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 months and a visit from Grandad

I know I am a bit behind.. but here are the ABC twins at 2 months :)  Feb. 27th, 2013

I'm biased.. but aren't they so cute????  Alton was looking when I took this picture but looked away right as it took the picture.  He's a silly little boy.

A little before 2 months we started getting worried about Ashlyn's eating.  She was taking forever to eat and she wasn't eating close to what Alton was eating.  I had many calls to the doctor's office where I spoke with a nurse.  They told me, "She's a girl.  She will eat less than Alton."  So, I figured that was that.  Then the spit up started.  Then the crying whenever she saw the bottle started, kicking, shaking head... this poor girl just didn't want to eat.  She fell from the 3% to the 2nd percentile.  Our doctor told us that she thought that Ashlyn might have an underdeveloped larynx (Laryngomalacia).  This meant that the cartilage of her voice box was very soft and it collapses while she breathes and eats.  This explained all her weird noises she makes!  She also has some reflux.  The doctor decided to put her on Zantac to help with that (we have since taken her off of it... that will come in a different post).  Oh.My.Disgusting! We had to give it to her 3x/day by a small syringe in her mouth.  It smelled so awful.  She hated it!  So did we. 

At their two month appointment they had to get shots! Boo!  Jon was able to come with me for that.  Ashlyn cried a ton (I might've had to fight back my own tears...) and Alton took his shots like a champ.  He hardly cried.  He's such a good boy!

Here is Ashlyn after her shots:

Here is Alton after his shots- he got a Batman sticker haha :)

Alton's Stats:
  • Weight: 9lbs 7oz
  • Height: 20.75"  - I really think this was wrong.  The nurse who did it was turrible... yes, you read that right: turrible.  Alton didn't stretch out very far either. 
  • Head: 14.76"
Ashlyn's Stats
  • Weight: 8lbs   
  • Height: 20.5"
  • Head: 14.45"
After this appointment we took Ashlyn to the ENT to check out her throat.  They had to stick a scope down her nose. Saddest.Thing.Ever.  Jon went in with her while I stayed with Alton. She was three rooms down and I could hear her like she was in the same room because she was just screaming.  Poor thing. They confirmed that she has Laryngomalacia.  It is pretty mild and will most likely heal itself and go away over time.  So... this mixed with her little bit of reflux makes her life really hard every feeding.  I have to keep telling myself, "I am strong and tough and I can get through this with her."  Especially during the feedings where she throws up and I have no idea how much she actually ate.

During this time, my dad (aka: "Grandad") came out for a visit!  We were so excited to have him here!  He was a little nervous to hold the babies, but he got used to them pretty quickly.  His first morning with us was a little funny.  I will never forget the look on his face when I told him, "It's time for them to eat again" and he was like "What? Really? Are you feeding them too much??".  The look on his face was priceless.  We didn't do a whole lot, but it was nice to visit with him and for him to meet his grandkids- #12 and #13 for him!  Thanks for coming, Dad!  We love and miss you and hope you come back soon!

 I loved having his help during the day.  It's so hard to feed both the babies at once.  Especially because Ashlyn puts up a fight and no longer likes to be fed on the boppy pillow.  Since her hatred for the boppy pillow has come, I am feeding them one at a time when I'm by myself.  Ugh.  So, I always need and love help at feedings.  It makes my life A LOT less stressful.  A lot less tears from Ashlyn... and mommy. 

One last thing that developed between 2-3mo:  They started holding their heads better!  Alton is getting really good at it too!  He will just look around and he is so strong.  Ashlyn still has to work on holding her head up.  It's hard to do tummy time with all this reflux.  All her food comes out when she's on her tummy.  So, for now, she is our bobble head :)  Alton loves being on his tummy.  It's his favorite position to be in.  He is our little meatloaf!


Stephanie C. said...

I still tear up a little bit at Adelyn's shots :( Your babies are so cute! I'm sorry things have been rough with poor Ashlyn!

Vanessa said...

you and Jon are doing a remarkable job with these little people.

Kaylynn said...

They are adorable and you guys are awesome parents! Hope things get better with cute Ashlyn!