Thursday, March 21, 2013

A day in the Criddle house

Our schedule is a little crazy and I am hoping that we can change this schedule up soon so we can get the babies to bed a little earlier!

6:40-7am:  Get up, prepare bottles, give Ashlyn meds, get boppy pillows ready with burp cloths

7-7:45am:  Feeding #1 (sometimes this goes a full hour- so the feedings below are written as a full hour)

7:45-8:30am:  Lay on activity mat, play with toys, tummy time, change diapers

8:30-10am: Lay babies down for nap.  Alton always gets up about a half hour before the next feeding time... so he usually ends up in the swing for a little while.  Laundry usually gets started here too.

10-11am:  Feeding #2

11-11:30:  Activity mat, tummy time, diapers

11:30-1pm: nap, lunch, chores

1-2pm:  Ashlyn meds.  Feeding #3

2-2:30: play time and diapers.  this is the time we go on walks if we do

2:30-3:30: nap... both babies are always up by 3:30.  I try to read, do the budget, make important calls

4-5pm: feeding #4 (I usually have help during this feeding from my in-laws)

5-5:30pm:  play on mat, sing songs, look at picture books, diapers

5:30-7pm: nap... well.. at least quiet time. Get dinner ready

6pm- Alton screams... time for swing

6:45-7:10pm: Jon gets home and we try to eat dinner- give Ashlyn meds.

7pm: feeding #5

7:45-815pm: bath time, change diapers and clothes

8:30pm: put babies down

8:30-10pm: wash bottles, get formula ready for the next few feedings, try to unwind and watch a show or something.  Put things away.. any other chores.

10pm: feeding #6

10:30-10:45pm: put babies down for night... sometimes Ashlyn is closer to 11pm because she takes forever.

11pm- get ourselves ready for bed, set out everything for 2:30am feeding for Ashlyn, set alarm, go to sleep.

2:30am: get up and wake Ashlyn up to feed her and hopefully get back to bed by 3-3:15am


Stephanie C. said...

It will get easier :)I know I only have one baby, but they will start eating less, and after a while you won't have to feed Ashlyn at night.

Anne said...

Keep a record of this and show it to them when they are teenagers. They had better appreciate it!