Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, this happened...

Today I needed to do some laundry because burp cloths were running low and Alton had thrown up on me in the morning.  I added some extra items to the load, started the washing machine and left.

When I went to move it to the dryer, this is what I found.

Yep.  A DIAPER! I have no idea how it got in there or why.  Thank goodness it wasn't a dirty diaper!!

Here is a picture comparing the diaper that soaked up tons of water in the wash (left) and a normal wet diaper (right).

Rookie mistake- haha!

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Brittny said...

Haha! I can almost guarantee it won't be the last time that happens. I now find pull ups coming out of our washing machine all the time because Sam sometimes fails to throw them away in the mornings and puts his pj pants in the dirty clothes with his pull up still entangled. If I'm not paying attention on laundry day (which is often) we get a similar result. On the plus side, doesn't it make you feel good to know those diapers can hold *that much* liquid?