Sunday, April 28, 2013

4 months

The babies are 4 months old.  I can't believe how time has flown!  We are slowly getting the hang of things around here.  I'm sure all first time moms and dads feel the same way... but there are times where I just feel like I have no clue what I'm doing.  We've managed to keep everyone alive though.  I should get an award for that :)

We have our rough times, but the smiles and coos make up for it.

I had mentioned in their 3mo post that Alton was having some feeding problems.  At the time we thought it was gas.  Since then, we have found that he has some reflux issues.  It just decided to rear its ugly head later than Ashlyn's reflux problems.  He is now on prevacid like Ashlyn.  It has been getting better, but he still puts up a huge fuss when it's time to eat.  

We are starting to get them used to not being swaddled.  So, at bed time we put them in these sleep sack things and when we do their "dream feed" at 10pm this is how we find them :)

Ashlyn's eating has gotten better.  She still has her rough feedings where she will spit her food out at you and cry through it, but more often than not, she eats like a champ and sucks it down!  She is also eating so much more and has been throwing up less.  Woohoo!  (knock on wood for the feeding coming up at 10pm tonight...)
Alton and Ashlyn have been having a lot of tummy time lately.  We have to do it before they eat now.  Otherwise, all their food just comes out if we do it after a feeding.

Alton used to just love being on his tummy, but the last month, he has been super grumpy about it and not the biggest fan.  He is coming around though. 

Ashlyn is so good at tummy time!  For a while she really struggled and she couldn't lift her head.  Now she is a pro!  I have a feeling that she will crawl before Alton!

The babies had their 4 mo appointment on Friday the 26th.  My mother-in-law, Anne was able to come with me to help.  Before we packed up the babies we found Sookie hanging out in Ashlyn's car seat. It was quite comical :)  Poor cat.  She has handled the babies pretty well though.  She is hesitant of them and keeps her distance, but she is always nearby.

The doctor appointment was pretty rough.  Alton (our resident grump), started crying at the very start when he was getting weighed.  Poor little guy.  He is just so sensitive!  I had a hard time trying to talk to the doctor because I was just trying to calm him down.  The doctor was really happy with their growth and she didn't have any concerns this time around.  Thank goodness!  The babies got 2 shots and an oral vaccine.  There were a lot of crocodile tears.  It hurt my heart to see them in pain.  Those needles are big!  Bigger than the syringes I had to use when I was going through infertility treatments! Sad!  They've been doing well though.  No fevers or anything.  The only noticeable difference is that Alton has thrown up a few times.  He did this after his 2mo shots too.   



Weight: 13lbs 11oz   -  27.17%
Head: 16.26"
Length: 24" (19.57%)... I think he was closer to 25"...

He loves:  Smiling and giggling, wearing socks, looking at pictures, sucking on his hands, standing, playing on the activity mat, reaching for toys, sitting in his "buzz chair", splashing in the water at bath time, bicycle legs, being held and talked to and cooing back to you..... and being grumpy haha.  Although, you can't tell by these pictures :)


Weight: 11lbs 6oz  -  9%
Head: 15.83"
Length:23.5" (24.21%)

She loves: Smiling, tummy time, holding her ball rattle, sucking on her fingers, standing, making sounds, being on her side, looking at pictures, seeing herself in the mirror, watching everything and tracking things with her eyes.

No pictures of them sitting next to each other on the couch.  Ashlyn kept pushing up on her feet and that caused her to slide down every time we were about to take a picture.  Oh well. 

  This was after we finished taking their 4mo pictures haha... They were getting bored :)  I love Ashlyn's face... "Seriously, Alton?"

 Okay, one last one :)  I have a hard time getting good pictures of Alton.  I will work on that.


Allie said...

I LOVE that picture of Sookie!

Anne said...

They are so cute, I just want to hold them all the time. (But not so much fun to feed them - no fun to have to try and force it down them). But even that is more fun than having them throw it up back at you! Oh, those cuties.......