Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 Months and a visit from Auntie Shannon and Uncle Ron!

Okay- I'm behind!  I'm at least getting their 3 mo update before they hit 4 months on the 27th, right?? 

On March 22-25th my sister, Shannon and her husband, Ron were able to come out for a visit.  I felt bad because their daughters, Madison and Serena weren't able to come, but they'll come out some day :).  For the trip we rented a mini-van.  Can I just say... I can't wait to get a mini-van??? That thing was so nice!! Anyways, on Friday the 22nd we fed the babies in the morning and then we went down to pick up the van so that we could all go and pick up Shannon and Ron at the airport.

When we picked them up at the airport, their gate was E something.  So, we headed to terminal "E".  I knew that E was for international flights... but I wasn't sure where else to go.  They got in and it turned out they came out in terminal C.  It was a little funny.  We sure had an adventure finding them haha.  

Anyways, we had fun hanging out at home that night and then we went out for fro-yo at Menchies.  Other outings we made while they were here was going to the grocery store, looking at model homes, going out to eat, church and things like that.  Nothing super exciting, but it was so good to have them out here to meet the babies.  It was fun to watch them see and feed the babies for the first time.

The babies were still sleeping downstairs when they were here, so they weren't bothered by any crying :)

Thanks for coming out!  We loved having you here!  Next time we can go out and do more fun things :)
Alton didn't want them to leave :)

On Tues. the 26th (a day before 3mo) Ashlyn had another doc appt. She looks thrilled, huh?

 The doctor put her on new formula that smells so horrendous.  It's terrible!  It's supposed to be digested more quickly so that she doesn't have the opportunity to throw up later.

 So we will see how that goes.  She has been on it ever since.  She is doing pretty well on it.  She has still thrown up... but I guess that's just normal baby stuff.  At this appointment she was also taken off of Zantac and put on Prevacid.  I was SO thankful.  Zantac was 3x/day by a syringe in the mouth.  She hated it.  Prevacid is a pill that we have to cut in half and then it either dissolves in her mouth by us holding it in her cheek or I dissolve it in a little water and have her take it through a syringe.  She is much happier about taking it.  

She was also weighed at that appointment.  She was 9lbs 7oz!  Alton weighed that much at 2months haha.  Oh well.  The good thing is that she is growing!  She was back up into the 3rd percentile.  

A week after that appointment we were to go back and check up on her.  They weighed her and she was 9lbs 14oz :)  Woohoo!  Almost 1/2lb in a week!  She was even in the 4th percentile!  Slowly but surely... she's getting there :)  We just have to keep going a day at a time and be very patient.  She still takes forever to eat and you never know when she's going to have a formula explosion!

Alton has just been a champ.

 He is such a good little boy.  His head control has gotten really good!  Last week we even got a laugh out of him for the first time ever.  It was so cute!  Jon was tickling him and I looked over and his eyes went wide was like "oh my gosh!! Alton laughed!!".  It was so exciting!  

The past few days for Alton have been a little rough.  I think he's going through some funny gas pains.  He just starts crying while he's eating and gets super fussy.  We are having to take our time with him now.  Two babies who have problems eating... yikes.

At 3 months we made the big move to their nursery upstairs!!  I know... big step!  I wear a pedometer that also counts flights of stairs.  I've had days where I've hit 30-35 flights in one day.  At least I'm getting my exercise!  I need to take pictures of their nursery... but for now, here they are sleeping in their cribs for the first time!  Note: that fuzzy thing they are on top of is now gone.  It was just to help them transition from being super snug in their bassinets to being in a wide open crib! (sorry the pics are so blurry...)


Here they are at 3 months!  They are just so dang cute!  My days can be really tiring and frustrating... but when they smile at you- it makes up for all of it.


Shannon said...

We had a great time visiting with you guys and meeting Alton and Ashlyn for the first time. I wish we lived closer...Madison and Serena are dying to visit some day as well. The kids are growing fast, they will probably be walking the next time we can come! Thanks for sharing!

Vanessa said...

those kids are so cute! I loved all the pictures on this post and your sister's facial profile in the first picture looks so much like you...

Ron Cote said...

Miss "y'all" already.