Friday, May 25, 2012

What a month!!

Holy Cow!! I can't believe May is almost over!  This last month has been full of so many amazing things and I am so grateful for all of it.  Well, maybe not for the temps already being in the 90s.. that's a little nuts...but we are in  Houston after all :)

My birthday was on Wednesday (23rd).  It was a wonderful day.  It started out with getting a pedi with some friend's of mine.  They take good care of me :)  It was a wonderful birthday gift!  My feet are very grateful!

Then we headed to lunch and a really cute place- Ruggles.  I will def have to take the hubby there.  Yum!  After I came home, I was greeted with goodies that were left at the front door from some other friends!  I was just so overwhelmed with gratitude.  What did I do to deserve such amazing people in my life, seriously???

Jon had to work late- sad.  He came home and we ate dinner and had a nice evening catching up on shows :)  Ah, relaxing- what more do you need on your birthday :)  He spoiled me with perfumes from bath and body works- they smell amazing!  Because he knew he was going to be working late on my birthday he made me these amazing cookies on Sunday... chocolate and peanut butter cup cake cookies... AMAZING!  Love him!

I even got sung to by my niece and nephew here in town (Storey and Jakson).  Then, my sister called me to tell me that her little girl (Serena- 10) was having a violin concert that night and she said that because it was my birthday, she was dedicating it to me- how cute is that???  Such a good day :)

So... onto other things :) 

I've had a few doctor appointments and we just got back from one today.  I've been doing the Tues and Friday appts  They have consisted of ultrasounds and blood work.  Today was a very exciting appointment.  First off- just an ultrasound today no blood work- woohoo!!!! I was excited to not have that done lol... anyways..  Jon and I were just in awe.  It was really nice having Jon there with me today- he was so excited.  2 really good things happened at this appt.

#1 We officially got our due date today :) 

okay... so we sort've had an idea of what the date would be, but I didn't want to post this pic until we actually got a date from the doc office :)

#2- We got to see heart beats!!! Because it's so early, the nurse couldn't get the sound on the the ultrasound, however, she was able to pick up the blips and count the beats/min.  To quote, she said "we're going old-school here!"  We got some strong beats too :)  Plus, we could see the blinking on the screen of a heart- so amazing!! I'm still in shock here lol  Also, I am dying here not putting pictures of our ultrasound from today on the blog.. but we think it would best to wait until we get through the first trimester before we do that.  Half way there!!

I am currently at 6weeks and 2 days.  The measurements on the ultrasound are pretty right on too- 6wks 1 day :)   We know this is still very early and we are cautiously optimistic- but still completely over the moon! Can you blame us?

Our next appt will be on Friday (so Jon can come again).  I will have an ultrasound and blood work.  Because they picked up heart beats I get to go to one appt/week instead of 2.   I have to call my OBGYN this week to give her a heads up so we can start making an appt.  They like to have one appt overlapping with both docs at the same time.  I am lucky though, my obgyn used to work at the fertility institute, so she knows Dr. G and all the nurses and she knows all the protocol of how my records are supposed to be passed on. 

I am still tired and I have felt some nausea- but nothing terrible.  It comes and goes pretty fast.  It mostly comes at night before bed... or today it was after we came home and I was vacuuming lol... so whatever.  I'm not complaining :)

I'm not sure what we are going to do this weekend.  We talked about going to Galveston.  So, we'll see.  Monday we are getting together with all of Jon's family :)  It'll be a birthday/memorial day celebration.  My bro-in-law's birthday is this week as well and Jon's parent's are out of town picking up his sister in UT and they won't be back until the weekend.  So, it will be fun to see everyone :)


Shannon said...

What a great day!!! Congrats.. Mom is up there helping out I'm sure of it :)
I remember the comment of "when will it be me??"... It's YOU!!!!
So happy for you!!!

Nal said...

I love that you've been writing about your journey to become a mom. Congratulations! I hope everything is smooth from here on out!

And happy belated birthday!

George & Amanda Ballew said...

Wah hoo! I honestly cried I'm so happy for you! Happy birthday!

Stephanie C. said...

So excited for you! Keep that picture of your feet! When you are in your 3rd trimester you may need a reminder of what your feet look like normally! LOL.

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Amy said...

Hooray! So glad things are going well. :)

Anonymous said...

Crystal!!!!!! So happy for the 3 or 4 ;) of you !!!!!!! You're definitely in my prayers ;) xo - Meredith Demers