Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The 2 week wait continues...

There were some things that I forgot to write about that I thought were important to note:

I forgot to mention that when we went into the transfer, Dr G came in and showed us our 2 embryo's.. well.. "blasts" and he told us that the rest of the embryo's that had fertilized were a day behind these 2... so they weren't ready to be frozen.  So we had to make a decision.  Risk it and transfer both and hope that at least one of the embryo's would mature enough to be frozen or instead of transferring 2- transfer 1 so that we knew that we had a back up embryo.  I was scared, but I already had it in my head that we were transferring 2.  I looked at Jon and I knew we were in full agreement and we both said "we'll transfer both" at the same time.  Dr. G told me to call them the next day to check on the status of the other embryos.  The next day I called and was told that 7 made it and were frozen. What a relief!!  So, out of the 18 eggs that we had retrieved, 16 fertilized and out of the 16 we had 9 that matured enough to be either transferred or frozen.  So, I am comforted in knowing that we have some snow babies :) 

A note about OHSS- those meds Dr. G put me on last minute sure helped!  At least that's what I'm going to think anyways.  I didn't get OHSS! Well, I had a very mild case- but it was nothing concerning.  Thankgoodness.  I forgot to talk about how I gained 5lbs within a day after the retrieval and I was freaking out because I just felt like I was expanding at an alarming rate lol.  The one thing that I wish I had known at the start (I found out 2 days after the fact... I called the surgical center because I was just in a lot of pain) that drinking powerade/gatorade helps bring the swelling down.  They say that the electrolytes in either of the drinks helps to get rid of the remaining fluid in your follicles. I was in so much pain after the retrieval.  When they take the eggs out, all the follicles are still there and they fill up with fluids- lovely.  I had no idea!   As soon as I started drinking powerade zero my swelling started to go down.  The nurse I talked to about it suggested I drink 32oz of it/day for at least 3 days along with the water I was already drinking.  If I was told this upon exiting the surgical center day of retrieval- I think I could've felt a lot better sooner :) 

No symptom changes... I'm just so exhausted all the time.  The 2ww is so hard.  I think this is the hardest one I've had yet.  Last week flew by just because of bed rest.. but this week... seriously... isn't it the weekend yet?? Yeah... it's bad.  I went to Target today and I won't lie.. I looked at the pregnancy tests and I was so tempted to buy some, but I held back!  I just want a BFP (big fat positive) lol...  I have a doctor appt tomorrow.  It's just a blood draw to check my estrogen and progesterone again.  So, a really quick appointment.

Really quickly to end this... we are catching up on our marvel character movies.  We watched Iron Man 2 this weekend... we still need to watch Thor and Captain America before we can see The Avengers.  So that was the real big excitement this weekend haha! 

Sunday- Jon and I were so exhausted that we both ended up taking naps after church.  I am so embarrassed to admit that we had poptarts for dinner that night.  We never have poptarts in the house.. let alone eat them!  They were a dollar for the off brand at HEB.  We were just that tired! 

Okay, this is getting lengthy and there are no pictures to entertain this post with.  Sorry about that. Welp, I'm going to get back to watching The Voice with Jon!  We missed the semi-finals.. so we're catching up!  No one ruin tonight's results for us! :) 


Vanessa said...

well, keep getting all the sleep you can because when you have baby/ies, you won't be getting much for the first few weeks, no matte how many times people say sleep when the baby sleeps. I hope you keep having positive news to share and find ways to keep yourself occupied until the verdict is in!

Shaun and Kelli said...

SNOW BABIES!!!! I LOVE IT! How cute is that! Such a relief too. I'm happy there are few snow babies left for you just in case. And heaven forbid you should eat a pop tart!!! lol We need to have you over for dinner so you can both take a break! Take as many naps as you can now! It's good for you!

Shannon said...

Finally had time to catch up on your blogs... I know we talk every day but I wanted to read what you had to say and I'm hoping for the best for you and Jon.
You are so brave!!! I'm proud of you!