Friday, May 4, 2012

4 days post transfer

I made it through bedrest!  Wahoo!  It wasn't too horrible.  The only thing that was terrible about it was that my lower back just kept killing because I was laying down for so long!  Other than that, it was just fine.  I was able to swap from the living room and the bedroom.  I'd usually spend half my day in one and then switch to the other.  It was nice to get a change of scenery. I could get up to use the restroom (when I made my room switches) and I could sit up slightly to eat (that takes talent!!). 

Jon was able to work from home on those days, so that really helped!  I had a stash of stuff near me of things like meds, water bottles, magazines, etc... so that if I really did need something and he was busy- I'd be covered.

Poor Sookie had no clue what was going on.  I could tell that she knew something was up.  She always stayed in the room I was in no matter what.  She isn't a snuggly cat- but she's always nearby.

By the last day she finally got up the courage to come onto the bed to look at me- haha... probably to make sure I wasn't dying or something.

Let's see... other things.. Oh, I noticed how bad my sock tan is... yikes.

I had a few visitors and I really appreciated it!  Just as long as they have no pictures of how ridiculous I looked trying to eat something laying down haha!

One of my friends dropped off a book for me to read and I must say- I am really enjoying it!  It is definitely a great book coming off of the "Hunger Games" high.  It's called: Graceling  By: Kristin Cashore.

Jon and I FINALLY finished season 2 of Downton Abbey!  Ahh!!  Loved it!!  Also, seriously... I have found my dad's doppelganger!  Mr. Bates!!  I've seen pictures of the actor who plays Mr. Bates and he looks way different... but with Mr. Bates' hair parted and slicked to the side = my dad 15 years ago!  Crazy!

Here I am going crazy on my last day!  Haha... Trust me, I realize that this is such a terrible picture!

Let's see... yesterday I went in to my doctor's for a blood draw.  They are just checking my estrogen and progesterone levels.  They said everything looked really good.  My progesterone was >40 and Estrogen was 1342.  I'm not exactly sure what direction these numbers should be going... but as long as everything looks good- that's all I care about!  I started 2 more meds yesterday too.  A pill 3x/day and a patch that I change every 3 days.  I go back for my next estrogen and progesterone check up on the 9th.

It was odd yesterday getting around and moving after so long of just lying in bed.  I just felt completely exhausted... I still do.  I took a nap today.  Yeah.  I NEVER take naps!  It could be from the meds, procedures or the fact that the cat has woken me up (climbing the blinds, hairballs...) the past 2 nights and I haven't been able to really go back to sleep after.  I think all of the above are contributing factors :)

Sorry this such a boring blog today! Not sure what we're going to do this weekend.  Nothing too exciting :)  Maybe catch up on some shows?  I really want mexican food so bad... so maybe we'll have to make an excuse to make some tex-mex?  We'll see :)

Oh... and before I forget!!

May the fourth be with you!! ;)


Brittny said...
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Brittny said...

Hooray for being done with bedrest! I think progesterone should go up, I know it's one of the hormones they look for during pregnancy and I think it's one of the ones in birth control that is supposed to trick your body into thinking you're pregnant, so if it's going up that should mean pregnant, right? Here's hoping your exhaustion is being caused by being pregnant (the first trimester always wiped me out)! I'm anxiously awaiting your pregnancy test next week. Pretty sure whatever the results are I'm going to be in tears when I find out. We love you guys and are praying for you!!

Stephanie C. said...

Get used to those naps! You'll be wanting to nap all of the time once you are pregnant with one (or both!!) of these babies! :)

Kera Boaz said...

Found your blog off my friends' blog. We are just beginning our IF journey, and I loved reading your posts. Keep them up!