Friday, May 9, 2008

We're leaving soon!!

So, this will probably be the last blog before we leave- seeing as this weekend will be really full for us! We're sad to say goodbye to Provo.. but it won't be for long!

We'll miss all of you who we can't pack in our suitcases- but we have e-mail and blogs to keep us all updated!!

Anyways- I decided to make a list of some things I'll miss this summer:

DRY heat!!
Crazy tenants... "Yes, the AC is supposed to be cool air..."
Being really close to a temple.
Summer running routes that I always do!
Our first apartment and everyone at Villa Rose
Campus dates with Jon

and of course.. my little friend in the office- I don't have a name for him- so we will call him:

Mr. Plecko/Sucker Fish

Note: the tank is clean b/c of Jon, me and a LONG Saturday afternoon!!

We don't have our address in Arkansas yet... makes me a little nervous- but it'll all be fine. So, don't be nervous- we haven't forgotten you.. we actually think that we've been forgotten by the housing people- no just kidding- I e-mail them more than is healthy!

We leave early Wednesday morning. On Tuesday morning we are stuffing a Uhaul and cleaning up what I can't get to right now... places where the boxes are. I am working up until Tuesday at noon. I've been packing as much as I can every night- so hopefully for people on Tuesday morning it'll just be a "grab and go"! If you're free Tuesday morning at around 9am... Jon may need some help w/ carrying the big stuff that i'm too short to handle. Just let us know- or you can just show up! Whatever works. I'm sorry- I won't have free food for you :-)

Anyways.. we're really looking forward to this summer. We have a lot of exciting things coming up!!

Things we're looking forward to:

Sweet apartment
The town owned by WalMart :-)
fitness center at apartment w/ elliptical machines!!!
getting jobs w/ walmart (both of us)
A new ward for church
seeing family... BOTH sides!!!!
Going to Disney World
Driving through some really pretty states ;-) Bring on the corn, Nebraska!!!
And any other adventures we'll run into in Arkansas... "Grab your Pitchforks!"

PS: Just saw this on the news on I watched this family on TLC once or twice... they're 2 towns over from us. They look like a nice family... but this proves that we're going to Arkansas!!


amber & cody said...

Crystal, how could you forget about cow tipping and hay bailing? Geeze thats the best part! You guys will have a great time, we're going to miss you, and we'll be there monday/tuesday to help! :)

Leanna said...

hahaha I saw that same thing! It was where they built their own house or something. yall should go visit them! lol

Anonymous said...

No address?? Hopefully you won't be forced to a HOTEL! I don't know but it sounds fishy!!!

Parkers said...

No way, we're totally going to come and visit you and then we can go and visit the Duggars. I love that show! Good luck in Arkansas.