Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frustrating interview

I had an interview on Monday where I had to take an office skills test. The test went really well. However, in my information packet it asked me to call my interviewer after I was done with the skills test. Also the lady to took me to their testing room told me to call the interviewer when I was done as well... so I wasn't going crazy. The test was at 1pm and it took me a half hour... but my actual interview was scheduled for 3pm. Did they think it would take that long for the test? I don't think that was the case- they did tell me that most people on average take 30-40 minutes to complete it. Weird.

It didn't make much sense that they wanted me to call them about an hour and a half before the interview. I did as I was told and I ended up leaving a message. I told the lady at the front desk my situation and in the end I just felt like an idiot. At this point I had an hour before the interview and I couldn't go home because it would be a waste of time and not to mention, gas. Anyways... after some wandering I came back to the office and my interviewer was about 20 minutes late. I was frustrated and I don't think that boded well for me in the interview.

She was really rushing and I didn't feel like she was paying any attention to it. It is a temp job after all, but I didn't feel so great about it. At the end- she asked if I had any questions and I asked a few- and as I was asking she was packing up her things and getting ready to go. I can understand if she was rushing because she was late- but I don't think it was totally fair. How much will she remember me after that? We'll see. She did manage to fit in that they had a lot of summer employees come back and filled a bunch of openings. Nice. I just hope that I can get a job with them. If anything else- I know I did my best and I looked good too :-) Wish me luck!!

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Clyde J Criddle said...

Sounds like a "bait and switch" on their part. Make the WM offer very attractive by offering the potential for a job for you. Then they pull it back. I hope you fine something. Otherwise, find the local library and have a wonderful summer.