Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our new home

So- we decided to put our web albums together and put our pictures up of our new apartment. The master bedroom has a pretty big walk-in closet that I couldn't get a good picture of.. and the bathrooms are really nice. They have deep, round tubs... I guess you call it a garden tub? Anyways... this is it!

We are super spoiled- we know that. Know that we haven't used a dishwasher in a year and a half (had them in our single apartments) and we did laundry in our apts (coin-op). For me, that has been 5 years now! I have only used a real washer/dryer when I've gone back home, visited other people's families and at Jon's parent's house. So, this is a real treat!!

We've been able to learn the town pretty well and we know where to go for things. We drove one day and were in pure country- the opposite direction took us to civilization and we found lots of things to do!

Real fast- Jon checked in yesterday and we got more information on the area. We also ran into some other young LDS folk and they invited us to see Iron Man last night. It was really nice of them and we really appreciated it. Plus, it was a great movie!! Some weird things in it- but I really liked it!! Anyways- I'll stop babbling! Enjoy the apartment pictures!


BigE said...

Wow! You guys sure are living the High-life there...looks like Wal-mart will treat you well, Mr. 10%-off-everything Criddle!


Michelle said...

Holy cow. That is so nice. I'm way jealous about the dishwasher and the washer and dryer.

JoSue said...

That is seriously not your apartment. That is amazing!! You won't want to come back to Villa Rose!

Crystal said...

yeah.. we're enjoying it... but, we did like villa rose a lot. It was well.. broken in if you will! At least the apts there weren't holes or anything. But this- is a definite upgrade!!

Anonymous said...

Holy profanity!! That house beats the socks off of any apartment here in Utah! Go get em Jon! We'll have to catch up sometime