Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cucumbers and Ice Cream

Time sure does fly!  I can't believe we're already approaching the middle of June! There hasn't been a whole lot going on around here to be honest.

I've had a few really crappy days where I don't even want to leave the house because I'm feeling just a little green.  However, I've had way more good days than bad (knocking on wood).  I'm thankful for that, but being pregnant does bring on the hormonal worry of "is this a bad thing that I'm not feeling sick all the time?"  Oh well. I could be eating these words at some point, so I'll just stop talking about it in fear of jinxing myself :)

I know I mentioned it a few posts ago, but we have been catching up on the marvel comic movies so we can see The Avengers.  I am happy to say that we finally finished!  We watched Thor like 2 weekends ago and then we watched Captain America on Friday.  Sadly, we probably won't make it to the theaters to see the new one, so now we'll be waiting for it to come out on Redbox.  What's new?  We always end up doing that- haha. 

Speaking of movies, last weekend we saw Men in Black 3.  I was a little skeptical about how it was going to be, but I will admit, I loved it!  I wasn't feeling good at all that day, so I am glad I was able to go and feel OK during the movie.

Anyways, Jon told me I should write down what cravings I've been having.  I promise they're not weird!  First off- I have to say thank you to our friends the Bowens for filling my need for Cafe Rio.  Oh my goodness, it was so delicious- thank you!

Current Cravings:
-cottage cheese
-scrambled eggs
-chicken salad sandwiches
-yellow curry from that Thai place off of FM1960.  Jon's dad called yesterday to ask what Jon ordered when we went a few months back and I've been thinking about it ever since lol so.delicious. Note: we've only ever been there once.
-Sandwiches.  The whole "no deli meat" thing has weird-ed me out so I haven't really found a good balance of how to get my turkey sandwich craving in without buying and cooking turkey breast.
-diet coke... weird.
-gummy bears.. this is nothing new... but I'm blaming it on pregnancy now :)

Weird things about food:
I have always been a lover of salads.  Jon has termed some of my salads as "bucket-o-salad".  Salad bars are my favorite.  However, since being pregnant I cannot stand the smell of lettuce while I make my own salad... I can only have it if someone else makes it for me-haha.  Once I pull out the lettuce to make it myself, the smell of the bag or the lettuce (haven't identified the main culprit yet) really bothers me and I can't make the salad.  If the salad is already made, or if Jon makes it- I will eat it gladly without any smelling issues.  Pathetic.  I'm a grown woman! I should be able to make my salad myself.. It just sends my smeller to the edge when I have to handle the lettuce myself.

Along with the lettuce issue... tomatoes and cucumbers have now fallen under that category too.  However, those are come-and-go.  I had some pre cut cucumbers the other day and they were really good.  Later in the evening, I thought they were the nastiest things I've ever had.  Sad.  I really love cucumbers.

Some leftovers have been an issue for me.  We made these amazing  enchiladas this last week and we had left overs of the filling.  I got it out to construct a small enchilada and as soon as I opened up the tupperware, I just couldn't handle the thought of it.  So, that left the rest for Jon.  Sad.  They were really good too!

If you're still reading this, I'm impressed!  I guess one last thing to note- I am now 8wks 4days today.  We met with my OBGYN this past Monday and then on Friday I went to my fertility doc office.  I had another ultrasound and all is measuring perfect :)  The office was a little low on staff, so a girl who doesn't have a whole lot of experience with ultrasounds came in to do mine.  I know she isn't that great at them, because she has done an ultrasound during a previous fertility treatment and that one was bad and the doc needed a re-do.  Anyways, so I won't lie, my heart sunk a little when I saw her walk in the room.  Jon was with me and he was all excited to see everything and we barely saw anything.  She couldn't get her aim right with the heart beat and her aimer thing on the screen kept moving all around instead of staying exactly over the heart.  So, it was really awkward and she was really nervous.  I am hoping that this week it will be the normal nurse who does it.

Anyways, that's all for now.  Jon has been sick this weekend.  He started coming down with something on Thursday night and he was miserable all Friday.  We really haven't left the house all weekend.  I was heading to church this morning and then I got slammed with "morning sickness", so that took care of that.  So, we are alive but Jon is sick and I'm just dealing with feeling "sick" off and on. We're just a pathetic pair trying to take care of one another lol

If only we had some ice cream... we could both use that today. Yum!


BrittWilk said...

8 1/2 weeks!! hooray!! i'm so thrilled for you guys! sorry you are feeling yucky. it will definitely be worth it! :)

Derrick Bowen said...

It was fun having you guys over! Good luck with the cucumbers

Vanessa said...

I hope you get all the foods your little babies desire! And I hope Jon is feeling better. hopefully your sickness and food aversions won't last throughout the pregnancy.

Emily said...

Deli meat can be zapped in the microwave to kill off any potential lysteria (Spelling?). Works well for ham, dries turkey out a little, and salami gets a little greasy but it is safe to eat after that.