Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's official...

None of my normal pants/shorts fit anymore LOL!! I bought some shorts at target that had an elastic waist (non-maternity) and those are the only ones that fit and they have gotten a little tighter since I bought them.  Yikes.  I'll start taking belly shots soon... I'm just trying to let it all sink in.  I'm in denial here lol... I just need to get used to it.  I sure hope Jon knows what he's in for haha! 

I went to my OBGYN on Monday.  It was a normal check up, nothing super exciting.  Pee in a cup, blood pressure check... all that fun stuff.  Anyways, she measured my uterus and I am measuring 15weeks lol... On Monday I was 10wks5days.  She was surprised with how large it was.  She said "you are measuring larger than I expected!  Those babies are growing!" So, it's a good thing... but with that also comes a moment of panic when you realize "I'm a month ahead in size... and nothing is going to be fitting me soon"  This was one reason why we wanted to announce everything this week as being official.  I'm in the awkward stage of "is she just getting fat.. or is she pregnant?" Awesome.

Some of you have asked why we didn't come out and tell everyone we were having twins when we said our results came back positive and that we were indeed pregnant.  At that time, when they were watching my hcg levels rise, things didn't rise as fast as they expected.  That happens sometimes when your hcg levels are really high to start with.  So it could mean one of two things: one of the twins weren't viable or my levels were just taking their sweet time to rise... and it was the latter.  I was just waiting to make sure all was well.  Since the scare of one of them not being viable we've been able to see and hear both heart beats every week for the last 5 weeks (starting at week 6)!  Both babies are always fighting to measure exactly the same in length and heart beats :)  There is one that is a little further back in positioning (the baby on the bottom of the ultrasound from our last post) and we have a hard time seeing all the details like we see in the other, but you can tell they look the same when they do a close up. 

Tomorrow is going to be bittersweet.  It is my "graduation visit" at my fertility clinic.  My actual doctor won't be there (he switched days with another doctor), but all the nurses will be there.  I'm happy to be moving on and out of their office.  I'm excited to stop paying $40/visit!!!  Our budget is going to start looking pretty good!!  I'm so thankful for the Houston Fertility Institute and for Doctor Griffith and his team.  I know we had a lot of ups and downs- but we could not have gotten here with out any of them.  I'm thankful for my OBGYN for referring me to them originally.

I am a firm believer that Heavenly Father places people in your life at the right time and for me, this was one of those times (how I found my OBGYN and how she referred me).  I cannot express how grateful I am.  We are truly blessed and none of this could have been possible without the guidance from our Heavenly Father.  He truly knows all of us and he knows what path to lead us down- even if that includes many stumbling blocks for us to learn from.


Weenigs, Party of Four said...

"our budget is going to start looking good".....and then you will have twins. Two of just about everything. Bye bye money! :)

Crystal said...

LOL true... but we'll at least be able to start saving for things we need now haha... b/c up until now we've been paying off parts of our IVF procedure while still paying for visits and meds. So visits and meds are gone so we are putting all that extra money to paying the last bit off! Woo hoo!