Monday, February 8, 2010

Skinny is the New Pregnant

Here is a conversation that I had in my office at work today:

Her: Wow, you look really skinny!
Me: Why thank you...

She turns to leave, starts to walk out, then suddenly turns back around

Her: Are you pregnant?!?!?!
Me: ?
Her: Oh...

So, because I've lost a lot of weight recently, I'm suddenly apparently pregnant? Skinny is the new pregnant? Is that a compliment?

*Note: This is not an announcement of pregnancy, merely a funny story


bethany said...

That makes no sense. Oh, Utah.

Anne said...

So I guess they just thought that you'd been throwing up a lot. But you do look great!

JoSue said...

Seriously, what is with people?? That question is not normal....and pretty much you should never ask it unless you are absolutely SURE they are pregnant. So at least 9 months. Sounds like a fun V-day weekend coming up. Good luck on your 5K! I'm sure it's going to be freezing so additional good luck is needed!

allie said...

So funny! What a weird question. Last I checked I gained weight while pregnant. We need to do something with you guys. I'll give you a call this week sometime. Perhaps next weekend? We'd LOVE to see you guys!