Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's weekend

EDIT: I am sorry that this is so long! There are pictures at least!!

This weekend was by far one of the most busy weekends I think we've had in quite a while! Friday night we watched the Olympic opening ceremonies. That was one of the coolest things I think I've ever seen. I loved the part where the boy was suspended in the air and the floor was made to look like he was in a field and as his legs moved the picture moved and the faster he went the faster the floor went. It was awesome! Anyways, needless to say, we had a fun time watching it!

Saturday morning at around 4am we got a scary phone call from some of our dear friends. They were having a medical emergency and we ran over as fast as we could so we could watch their sweet baby so our friends could get out the door to the ER. Out of respect for them, I won't get into details. I was just so happy that we could provide service at a moment's notice. We really heart them.

After, we headed home and I went on my long run a little after 10am. I had to get it done and I couldn't put it off. The first half of the run was really great and I was really getting into a groove- but I think I went too fast for the first 8-9miles and then the 2nd half I wasn't as strong- but I did about 18miles and I felt really good about it. I came home had a cold bath to help the legs. A few hours later, Jon and I started to get ready for our 5k!!

We were both so dead and we were laughing about how bad we were going to do and the best part- I didn't even care if I came in last. Leanna (Jon's sister) was nice enough to come along and be our picture taker! I mean, c'mon! We had to record this event! It's not like I'll EVER be able to trick Jon into doing another 5k with me... unless it's the 5k that the Houston Rockets team puts on... then maybe :-)

The race started out and Jon and I stayed together for the first mile. I even was letting him set the pace! I looked down at my Garmin and I realized that Jon was going way too fast for him right now. I was trying to tell him to slow down because I knew he would burn out too soon (this was his 1st race after all). However, after telling me he couldn't slow down (I chuckled) he continued with the fast pace. I'm telling you... listen to your wives... they sometimes know what they're talking about :-)

He had headphones in that are noise canceling and so when he talked he was yelling. So the next part is kind've funny if you can just imagine runners around us enjoying themselves and there is Jon yelling his head off.

He asked me, "How far have we gone?"

I look at my watch and say ".6 miles."

Then.. he says, ".6?? .6?? That's it?? You've got to be kidding me! Whew! I hate running! This is awful!"
I started to feel really bad at that point and I knew it was my idea that was making him miserable. I kept telling him to slow down and that he was going too fast (8:30min mile and last weekend he was comfortable at 10:00min miles)... that didn't really help. He told me to go on ahead. I continued on worrying about him every step of the way and then I turned around and I couldn't see him anywhere. I felt so bad! Anyways, I kept going and I finished at my best time post surgery for a 5k! I finished in just under 27minutes! Wahoo! I think it was like 26:58 or something. So, literally, just under 27mins! I didn't feel like I was pushing it too fast or anything and I felt comfortable. Imagine how fast I could've gone without those previous 18miles earlier in the day??

Anyways... I ran through the finish and then I turned around and ran down the trail to find Jon. I hadn't seen him since the 1.5mile mark. I ran to the 3rd mile marker and then I saw him coming around the corner! I was waving and jumping and yelling. Heh... just your average crazy person... and then I ran the last .1 miles with him :-) He did such a good job! I am really proud of him!

After the finish there were some prizes and awards. They had age divisions and then they had the "fastest couple" division. When they asked us at the beginning of the race if we wanted to be apart of that we said no because we didn't have any idea how we'd do. So, I think all the people who were in the "fastest couple group" were taken out of the age divisions :-) Can you guess what that means??? I came in 1st for my age group! Haha... and they said I was 20.... when I told them before the race that I was 24. Then... Jon took 3rd in his age group! Apparently he is 20 also :-) We both went up and got our awards and we both just looked so confused. Because we obviously weren't the fastest. There were only maybe 25-30 people who ran it anyways. So, Jon has an awesome ribbon and I have a trophy :-) We are rock-stars!

We finished off our night getting all dressed up and spending some time at a Valentine's dance and then a movie with our friends. Boy, we were beat!

Then, Sunday I made these awesome cupcake bites before church :-) I am waiting for my smaller cookie cutter to come in the mail- it'll make them a little smaller and a little easier to work with. They were so delicious!

PS: Giveaway to come in the next post!


Clyde J Criddle said...

We are proud of both of you for running so well. I think I'll keep pace with Jon instead of Crystal if we ever run together. Is that OK with you?

Anne said...

Congrats to both of you! Crystal, you look great.