Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sorry, we dropped the ball

So, here we are over a week after our "surprise Monday guest". Sorry to keep yal waiting so long. Here's the story:

I got a call on Monday (the 19th) at work from BYU confirming that I would be home around 7pm. They told me that they might be a little late, but they would be there. I got home from work at 6pm and Jon and I were really excited and nervous. Jon was watching Monday night football and he describes me as nervously awaiting a date- haha. We waited... and waited... and finally... around 8pm our doorbell rings! Jon opens the door and there stands Lamont Morgan Jr. He is one of the BYU basketball player. He's actually a really good player on the team and he's quite short. Taller than me- but not by much!! There he was with the guy next to him w/ a camera and we shake his hand and says something like "I hope we do you proud this season". He handed me the tickets and we said goodbye. 5 minutes after he leaves I look at Jon and say "I should've asked for a picture!!" I had totally forgot! I even charged my camera battery that day so I could. Oh well. Maybe some other day :-)

So, sadly, no big win of anything and I don't think you'll see us on tv any time soon... we weren't the most enthusiastic people haha... I wasn't screaming or jumping up and down. I just kept saying "thank you". Jo Sue, you're right- we used up all our luck ;-)

All in all, it was a good experience and even though we didn't win anything- it was really cool to meet a player! Wahoo!! Go BYU!!!!


bethany said...

Nice! I'll look for you on the nightly news :)

JoSue said...

Oh man! I just laughed through this post because I can just imagine you and Jon, mellow as ever, answering the door and just saying thanks then closing the door. Seriously though, you knew what was coming so it's not like you were surprised at all. Maybe the athlete thought he was more of a celebrity and it would be a good news story on BYUTV. Well, I guess all the anticipation is part of the excitement.