Friday, October 16, 2009

2 cent check, free Zune HD and um.. a special guest??

This last week has been FULL of surprises. No, really. There are three events we'd like to share. The first is probably more comical than them all.

So, remember Comcast? I'm sure you don't... who'd want to remember that whole experience, right? Heh, well, apparently they took a little too much money from me. That's right. TOO MUCH! I got an e-mail about it saying that I'd be receiving a check in the mail to make up the difference. I was a little confused and I had totally forgot about it until it came. Want to know how much is "too much"? 2 cents. That's right. Two WHOLE pennies. They sent it in a check. The postage cost more than that! Do I even bother cashing it when they could've shoved two pennies in the envelope that they found on their lunch room floor? hehe... so.awesome. It really makes me feel remembered haha.

2nd. I am a contest freak. I enter any and all hoping to win something... hopefully more than 2 pennies ;-). I've won a few things here and there, but this time I won the "Big Kahuna" of prizes (at least in my eyes). Last week I had entered in a contest on Twitter. They were having a 5 week "tweetnseek" contest and there was a winner each week all winning the same prizes. What's the prize you ask? A Microsoft gift pack that included: wireless keyboard w/ mouse, another wireless mouse, laptop cooling base, HD webcam, aaaaaaaannnnnnd....a 32GB ZUNE HD!!!!! They would have you answer a question and then they would select randomly from all those who participated. I entered every week with little hope- but I figured, "eh? why not?"

It was week 4 of the contest and the question was "What band/artist will you listen to first on your Zune HD if you win?" I think I answered Yellowcard and Relient K. Anyways, on Friday I got an e-mail from saying I won. I read it a few times in disbelief. I quickly called Jon and he was ecstatic! He kept asking "you won??" Awesome. It arrived this week on Wednesday. I was so excited! The only thing is- I wish Jon could have a Zune HD too. I even offered it to him because he has been talking about wanting a Zune HD for so long now. Humph- but alas, he won't take it. I'm not complaining by any means- I just wish he could have one too. Don't you worry though- as I write this he has hooked the laptop cooler and the wireless keyboard and mouse to his laptop :-) I'm glad he's helping me use all the winnings.

3rd thing. This week I got a phone call from a 422 number.. aka: a BYU #. I missed their first call time and they didn't leave a message. It was a little odd. Later in the day they called again and I was able to get the call. It was the BYU athletic department. Why were they calling? Well, this year we have bought BYU basketball season tickets. It's our last year here and we really both enjoy watching them play.

Anyways, back to the call. They confirmed that I was a season ticket holder and then the next thing they said caught me off guard. They asked if they could send a "special guest" to my home to hand deliver my tickets instead of mailing them. I was just kind've shocked so I said, "Okay". Then... they asked "We will have a video camera, is that okay?" Again, what? Totally not understanding all of this so I said "okay" again. They said "Okay, how about Monday at 7?"
So, this Monday someone like Cosmo or who knows is coming to deliver my crappy upper bench tickets- hehe. Our seats are the cheapest. So, it makes me wonder- why send someone special to ticket holders who didn't shell out the big bucks? We'll keep you informed... I know you're all at the edge of your seats! Heh, maybe they'll say we won better tickets or something. Why else bring by a video camera? No one cares to see a special guest giving someone something they are already expecting in the mail, right? Fingers crossed!


bethany said...

I love Comcast more and more everyday.

I'm so excited that you won, but have to say that I'm even more excited to see what happens on Monday!!!

Amy said...

So thanks for linking your blog on Facebook. You are such a hillarious writer! Loved this blog and I will be in suspense waiting to hear about who shows up at your door on Monday!

Charlene said...

haha I wish I could get a check for 2 cents. Awesome!!! so wow you've been pretty lucky. Can't wait to find out what happens Monday!

Clyde J Criddle said...

Don't cash the 2 cent check and mess with their accounting system.

Jon said...

Comcast just wanted to give you their 2 CENTS WORTH!!! HAHAHAHA

Yes, I have been waiting all week to say that. Sad, I know.

I still think if we even try to cash the check at a bank, the teller will just laugh at us and tell us to get out and stop wasting his time.

Anna W said...

I'm so happy you won!
I have a Zune and it's one of my most favoritest things.

JoSue said...

Oh man!! I'd totally be peaking over the balcony at who your special guest is going to be. :) Congrats on the big win...unfortunately you shouldn't expect to win anything else for a while. You used up a lot of your luck!! How's provo?