Saturday, August 22, 2009

Runners, I'm almost back in the game!!

Today I ran the Race4Recovery 10k. It was a race that raises awareness for mental illness. I did their 5k last year and had a lot of fun. The last two weeks I have had a pretty awesome sinus infection and was afraid it was going to really slow me down in the race.

The race started at Timpanogos Park in Provo Canyon at around 9am. The first 3.1 miles of the race my sinus problems really did a number on me and I was afraid that I was going really slow. Once I turned around I got my 2nd wind and I started to feel really good. I passed up a few people and ran the entire 2nd half fast. As soon as I turned back into Timpanogos Park, I could see the finish. Once I got a little further up I saw the clock and I was very excited.

I finished strong and my final time was 59:11. Not too shabby! Since my first 10k on July 4th I have shaved almost 6 minutes off my time.

After the race, there were massage therapists on site giving free massages to the runners. I've never had a professional massage before... even though they're always at the races... but my right hip and hamstring needed a little help. The lady did an amazing job! I enjoyed it a lot!

The best part of the race was having Jon at the end. He was waving at me when I was coming up to the finish. :-) It really made my heart happy. Thanks, Jon for being there, it meant a lot! He says he enjoyed cheering me on and the time he was able to spend outside reading while waiting for me to finish. Sorry... we didn't get any pictures together at the race :-(


Vanessa said...

way to go, Crystal. 6 min is a lot of time to take off 10K. Glad you were able to run and feel so great. I ran every day this past week, FYI

Charlene said...

Yay Crystal!!! That is so awesome. I wish I could say the same for me. I just haven't had the time to i would say I am prob. at the same time as before. But I am so excited for you! Go Crystal!

Clyde J Criddle said...

Good Job, Crystal!

JoSue said...

You're amazing....running races about every two weeks. Seriously awesome. Why weren't they giving out massages on the 4th!! Lucky you!!