Monday, January 5, 2009

Today I am thankful to live on the 2nd floor.

I woke up this morning to no hot water. When you turned the hot water knob- nothing would even come out. I thought it may be the boiler, but we were still getting heat. Because I was trying to get out the door, I didn't worry too much. As I was leaving and locking up to go to work our trusty maintenance guy, Lyle was coming up the stairs and hanging wet carpet from the railing (too bad the carpet is just going to freeze instead of dry...)

I asked if the boiler was out.

Turns out a line burst.

The couple right below us woke up to a flood in their bedroom.

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*amber * cody * chandler* said...

And to think i thought there were no advantages to living above ground level! So glad that didnt happen to you guys!