Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Exeter Inn

My sister, Shannon sent this out to my family. She works at the Exeter Inn as the catering sales manager. She plans all kinds of events and the place itself is amazing! They just got done with a remodel and it is really nice.

Anyways, a tv show did a review on their restaurant and this is a short video about it. Just thought I'd share it with everyone. Congrats, Shannon!


Jessica & Nathan said...

The place and the food look amazing!

*amber * cody * chandler* said...

From the title of this post I thought you guys went to another little bed & breakfast and had more funny stories! That's great for your sister though, it's looks awesome!

Leanna said...

that place is so nice! and I love the stairs :-)

Ian & Makenna James said...

hey! I'm so glad I found your blog! we are actually going up to Boston this weekend and I just might try the Epoch :)
btw, are the baby blankets for you guys? is there a bun in the oven? :) In any case, your apartment looks so stylish! Ian and I finally made it to NYC and are doing ok. I miss home though. if ya wanna see pic go to our blog: makennaian-james.blogspot.com

Miss you two! say HI to Jon for me.

Crystal said...

Makenna- Boston is so fun! Exeter isn't too far from Boston- if you go- you have to let me know!

And those baby blankets- those were for a few friends of mine. There's no "bun in the oven" here. Probably not for quite a while. I'm the last of all my original roomies. Saving the best for last ;-)

Glad you made it to NYC! Be safe!