Monday, September 28, 2009

A nice surprise

Yesterday, Jon came home from church after finishing all of his calling responsibilities and handed me this!
I cannot tell you how excited I am to go to a session of General Conference! The last time I had the opportunity to go was the April 2004 Saturday morning session. Every time I've asked for tickets since I've always gotten the "We ran out last month" response. I've just never had any luck! That goes for both Utah wards and my Stake back home.

Jon is the financial clerk for our ward and when a Bishopric member was handing him tithing slips the tickets were accidentally in the stack. Jon thought it was a little odd and handed it back to him. The Bishopric member then looked at Jon and said, "Would you like them?". Honestly, who would turn that opportunity down!! It was a very nice surprise :-)

That's one thing on our list of "things to do before we leave Utah" down! So, try and spot us on Saturday morning. Or... better yet... just pretend you saw us :-)


Anne said...

We will be sure to look for you, but I have a feeling it will be easier to spot Jon when they do the crowd shots of members standing and singing. Glad you get to go!

Leanna said...


Holley said...

i hope you guys had a fun time!

hey, i am sorry, you mentioned needing to set up a haircut last week and then we never talked about it again! so sorry! text me or something and lets set something up! :)

The Cooper Family said...

You two are lucky! I was looking through your pictures and Crystal you look fantastic! Congrats on running the 1/2 marathon. That's a huge accomplishment. I miss you guys!


Stphanie (Berman) Cooper