Friday, May 1, 2009


So, Crystal brought up a great idea to me for our date this weekend. After looking at a post by our friends, Nate and Jess (and Jess' sister who started it), she asked me if we could have a ratatouille date.

Our Ratatouille date would consist of us watching the Disney movie Ratatouille while making the same dish that they serve at the end of the movie. Normal ratatouille is more of a stew, but Jess' sister found one that is made the same style as the movie. After making (and eating - Yum!) it we saw them make it at the end of the movie and the whole process looked the exact same.


Here are the beginnings. The dish consists of a bed of tomato sauce and spices and such. Then there are alternating yellow squash, zuchinni, eggplant (yeah, you read that right), and red bell pepper. It's covered with some wax paper and goes into the oven (sans the movie of course).

While that was baking we made couscous to act as a bed for the dish. After it was done I plated them using a couple rounds in our kitchen. Look like rice cakes - but they taste a lot better!

Here is the finished dish just out of the oven. Looks good, eh?

And here are the final dishes, topped with some goat cheese. The thyme on the plate was just for color and removed before we ate them. I tried doing something with plating the leftover sauce but it was too thick to do anything interesting with. Oh well. We still feel like real chefs!

It was a great meal and a great date.

p.s. - Crystal wanted me to add that as you can see in that last picture, she found fresh thyme at a store.


Clyde J Criddle said...

That's one way to get you kids to eat your veggies! Good job.

Anne said...

Can't wait to have you come and cook for us!

Jessica & Nathan said...

That looks so awesome! I love that you did couscous and the cheese! So fancy!