Thursday, October 23, 2008

Locked out

Yesterday was just like any other. The only thing different was that I left before Jon, which is a rarity. I walked to work. 1pm came around and it was time to go to lunch. I walked home and got to the door and opened up my bag and.. no keys. I looked again. Still not there. I didn't leave last and thus, never checked for my keys to lock the door. Awesome. The office here is never open and if you get locked out- good luck. So, I tried getting a hold of Jon because he is usually free during my lunch hour- his phone was on silent.

I walked back to work and found my boss there- he looked a little disgruntled and I'm not sure if he believed me when I told him that I was locked out of my apartment. A few minutes after I got back he said (while pointing to our back room that I try to stay away from) "You can have a junk food lunch if you want." Nice. Later, I got a hold of Jon and told him that I would meet him on campus after work. So, I walked to campus, had a really nice chat with my dad and met Jon in the "TA Lounge" and met some of his students. We were there until about 8pm.

Later, we found my keys in Jon's jacket. I'm not really sure how they got there- but I'm just glad that I didn't lose them. Well, at least I got a lot of walking in!! :-) I hope I never leave my keys at home again.

PS: Jon is in Houston today for an office visit and will be back tomorrow night (yay!). Heh, this morning- Jon got to see what my old daily commute to Sandy was like. OH man, can you imagine what that drive would be like with gas being so expensive? No thank you! We at least were able to take the HOV lane and pass by all the traffic while going to the airport.

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