Saturday, June 21, 2008


As all of you know, I'm sure, the weather out here hasn't been the best this summer. We have been so blessed that we've been safe. Jon had an interview for an internship this past year with a company in Cedar Rapids, IA. They were really interested and he had two interviews and everything. It was for an IT Audit position. He never heard from them after the interviewing and was a little disappointed. However, seeing as Cedar Rapids is under water right now- you will hear no complaints from us! We'd be out of a job and a home.

Last weekend our area was under a tornado watch. I've never lived in a place where tornado watches ever really happened. I won't lie, I was nervous (considering what has been happening these last few months in places surrounding Arkansas). They had measured winds of about 100mph (no, I'm not exaggerating either). Talk about a little scary!! Thankfully nothing happened- but it was a good storm. We had some flash flooding and the security guards at work were handing out umbrellas left and right. When Jon picked me up for the day I ran out to the car (maybe 15 feet) and I was drenched!

This is a really short video of last weekend during a Celtics game. There were no commercials. Just weather updates. All the circles are where spinning cloud formations had been spotted- but hadn't touched down. If you see where Fayettville is- we are directly above that (not as far up as Jon is pointing).

(GO BOSTON!! Being from the Boston area is great- there is always a team to cheer for and at least one is doing well during the season.)

Other than that- all is well and we're safe :-)

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Brittny Hansen said...

Wow, talk about a cool experience though! My mom is a meteorologist so she'd think that was the coolest thing ever :) Glad to hear that you guys are safe and not somewhere where you'd be flooded and out of a place to live!