Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Around the world in 4 minutes

We just wanted to share this because we thought it was fascinating.. well, not in the educational way- but what a great job to have! This guy travels the world and is a "web icon" (think the numa numa guy.. or the light saber kid) dancing in front of famous landmarks around the world and is even sponsored by Stride Gum. He invites anyone who is familiar in what he does and invites them to dance with him in his video. From what we get out of it- out of all the places he goes in the world- it shows other people being happy and together and that the world isn't as large as it seems or rather that people that far away are not too different from those of us here in America.

We also thought of Dad Criddle as we watched it. Seeing as he is traveling in other countries- it was fun to wonder how many of these places has he been to? We miss & love you and hope you are safe!

Here is the video. We hope you enjoy it. Please don't mind the title- we have no control over that.

Also- here is a link to the wikipedia page on him.


amber & cody said...

Dude this is awesome! I want that job! I wonder how you get into something like that??

Michelle said...

This is so cool. He's got moves. :)

Crystal said...

hehe.. he also looks like a fellow intern here from BYU. I can't look at him w/o thinking of the guy who dances in this video. I don't know whether to laugh or not when I see him. :-) In a good way of course.