Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Gmat is Official

In order to apply for the Masters program here at BYU I had to first take the GMAT - Graduate Management Admissions Test (needed to get into any business graduate program). It is a standardized test similar to a SAT but taken entirely on a computer. The discouraging part is that it is an adaptive test, meaning that it changes as you take it. Basically, everytime you get a question correct, the test gets harder, but each time you get a question wrong it gets easier. About halfway through the test it figures you out and puts you at the level you deserve. That is discouraging because it means by the time you are halfway through the test, you are getting every other question wrong because it figured you out.

Smart computers.

Anywho, the test is made of 4 sections. Two writing sections where you analyze and argument, and then one math and one reading section. Because it is taken on a computer, immediately after finishing the test you receive a score for math and reading, which ends up being the only score BYU cares about. About a week or two later someone grades your written arguments and you receive the official scores.

I have now officially taken the GMAT as of last Saturday. Last night, however I received my official scores. Out of 800 potential points, I have received a 690, which is 60 points above the average accepted into the masters program here at BYU and about 160 points above the nationwide average for the exam. As this screen shot from my score sheet shows, this means I am in the upper 10% of all people who take the exam. To make matters better I receivied a perfect score (6 out of 6) on my written section. Too bad BYU doesn't care about that 11% of test takers also get the perfect score. Who would have thought I would have done better on the reading and writing part of the test than on the math...

Anyways, so now I go back into the application process and hope that I get accepted into the Master's program. Pray for our family!


Anne said...

Woo Hoo! Job well done! Don't worry, we are praying for your family for many things.

michelle said...

Wow, congratulation, Jon! If it makes you feel better, Brandon and I care about the written score. Who knew there was a genius among us? All the best with the application!

amber said...

Congrats Jon!!! We are so very proud of you, that score is awesome (way to go on beating Cody's score :) ... although I bet the best part is that it's done and you don't have to study or worry about it anymore! Woot! we need to celebrate, another dessert/bubble pizza party perhaps?