Friday, October 19, 2007

Comcast is now Big Brother....

I hope this story gives everyone a laugh.

I had a gentleman on the phone the other night at work and he was having problems getting his cable box working. He had a thick Asian accent and I could barely understand him- which can make things a little difficult when giving directions.

I started to ask him all the standard questions of "Is your box on?", "Have you checked all of your connections?" etc.... I sent a few signals to his box and still, nothing worked. I then asked him for a second time what he was seeing on his tv screen. This was his response:

"The tv is cloudy. I can't see anything. Wait! I can see myself!! What did you do!!??? Are you recording me!!???"

It then dawned on me that I would really have to ask him if his tv was actually on... something you shouldn't ever need to ask. I asked him to press the power button on his tv. As he did so I could hear the volume come on in the background and he was all excited and then said to me,

"I'm gone! What did you do? Did you stop recording me?"

I had to break it to him that he was seeing his reflection and that his tv just needed to be turned on and that we aren't recording him- the red light on his box is just the power light not a camera.

Things like this aren't always often at Comcast, but you do get a few a week that you really have to scratch your head and wonder. hehe.....

Anyways, nothing really new. We're looking forward to seeing Beth, Zak and Jak tomorrow or Sunday. We've been thinking about going to a corn maze but it may snow again and that would squash that plan. So, we're just going to post pone that one and probably carve a pumpkin this weekend!


michelle said...

Crystal, I am at work reading this and I am doing my best not to burst out in hearty guffaws and roll on the floor. Wow, were you able to break the news to him with a straight face? How hard did you laugh when you hung up? By the way, we just got a blog and somehow found you and Jon. Nice work! And this post takes the cake!

Leanna said...

bahaha that was hilarious!

amber said...

hahahhahahaaaaa! oh man i needed a good hearty laugh, thank you! :) seriously i think stories like this might maybe possibly make your job a little less hell-ish... and thank goodness stupid people make life a little happier :) keep the comcastic stories comin!