Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Day in the Life of these Criddles

Sorry for the lack of postings, but now that school has started, things have gotten intense for our little family. Here's our usual schedule:

4:30 a.m. - BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP (you get the picture)
5 a.m. - Crystal leaves for work, Jonathan does his readings and works on homework not finished the night before
7:30 a.m. - Jon leaves for school
9:45 a.m. - Crystal has lunch break (no really, 9:45 - makes a late dinner real rough!)
12 p.m. - Jon comes homes from school and a group meeting with just enough time to change clothes and eat
12:40 p.m. - Jon goes to work
3:30 p.m. - Crystal gets home from work, collapses
5 p.m. - Jon gets home from work, revives wife
5:30 p.m. - Dinner (begin and end) and more school readings and homework for Jon and cleaning up after Jon for Crystal
7:30 p.m. - brush teeth and get in bed by 8pm
9 p.m. - hopefully asleep, but considering the sun is still shining through our bedroom window and we can still hear children playing right outside it, we're probably laying in bed, eyes wide open, definitely NOT sleeping

Welcome to our lives. Heaven forbid I want to take a shower or any other hygienic or enjoyable activity during the day. That's what Saturdays are for I guess. Hey, in England they only shower once a week, right?

Starting Monday, our schedule will again change...oh...dramatically. Crystal is supposed to change to the evening shift at her job that was originally to happen 1 month ago. This means, that within the period of 2 days, we need to completely change her sleep pattern so that she is able to stay wide awake until after 10pm so that she can drive home safely from Sandy. With the current schedule, Crystal is a zombie by 830.

Bon Voyage.

Anywho, we don't want to come across like we are complaining at all, I hope I did not write it that way. We just wanted to show off to the family how great our schedules are right now. Hopefully we will be able to start posting with a little more frequency especially because I have so much I need to spread among the family about my new life as an Isys-pawn. Until next time!


Clyde J Criddle said...

I can totally relate to your schedule. Think of it a "training period" for when when you move out into the real world and are called to be an early morning seminary teacher!

Anne said...

I think it's great that you still try to keep the same schedule for the both of you, no matter what Crystal's crazy shift time is. Love adapts!

Rosalia said...

No Englanders are very clean
unlike the rest of the Euopean land, its the French that don't shower--take it from my experiance. The English women also shave, again unlike the euopeeans.

Leanna said...

dude, and I thought getting up @ 5:30 for seminary was rough. kuddos to yall!

bethany said...

That's really nice of you to get up early, when Zak leaves early, I wake up for prayers and then go back to sleep :)