Friday, March 28, 2014

15 month update :)

Just a quick update of the kiddos :)

15 months!!

These two just keep getting cuter and sweeter.  We have our moments, but for the most part, we have been so blessed with two really amazing kids.

Taken on Jon's birthday March 13th

Alton is such a boy.  We call him our little dump truck.  Okay, that might sound weird... but really, he is.  Nothing he does has any finesse and Jon says he "bumbles" around when he's walking.  He's so cute though.

He really loves his sister.  Even though he steals her toys and tries to take her glasses off, he has his moments where he shows how much he loves her.  So, he has always given her kisses, but lately, he kisses her hand when they are in their high chairs.  It's so sweet.  Ashlyn will definitely have her brother to look after her for sure.

Alton's vocabulary keeps growing all the time.  I'm just amazed with how well he can say things.  I'll write some words down that he says and I'll try to see if I can write them down the way he says them.

dada, mama (this is new! finally!), tank-oo (thank you), ga-pa (grandpa), buba (sippy cup with milk/bottle), seep (sweep), goo-jaa (good job), peese (please), cheese, bahbee (strawberry), chee-o (cheerio), ah-doo (water), hi, bump (for a fist bump), puppy, sookie, baw (ball), baby, tukee (turkey), teeth ti (teeth time), pay (prayer), mamen (amen- this is new too), sit, bye, tasty, touch down, done, ma (more), bee (bib)...   The kid mimics everything lol... must be careful with what we say :)

Alton LOVES being outside.  He loves taking walks in the stroller and going to the park.  He loves going down slides and swinging.  This last week has been gross and rainy and he always goes up to the garage door and knocks on it and says "bye" and looks at me like "Hey! Let's go!"  Sorry kid... it's raining :(

Toys he's into: his puppy, cars... well, the wheels on cars, blocks, his toy phone and anything he can chew on.

He loves watching wheel of fortune.  It's the only thing that he will sit still for.  It's pretty amazing.

He loves chasing Ashlyn down the hall and they giggle like crazy.  He loves pointing out puppies on our walks.  He doesn't like to cuddle, but he gives the best hugs.

He is my helper.  He will try to sweep for me and likes to shut the pantry door whenever I'm done.  He often will clap for himself and said "good job" or... he claps for me once I've finished with a chore and says good job... why, thank you ;)   Everyone needs their own cheerleader haha

Ashlyn is a wild little girl.  She get's cuter every day.  She is doing wonderful with her glasses still.  We saw her eye doc the other day and the doctor loved her glasses and how they fit and how they were helping her.  She doesn't need a patch right now like he said she might- so that's very good news.

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house :)

She loves wearing necklaces.  So chic :) haha 

She is a very curious little girl.  She wants to discover everything.  She's into pointing at her belly button and pointing at our noses and figuring everything out.  She hates getting her diaper changed lol.  She is our runner.  She runs everywhere she goes.

Toys she's into: blocks.. always blocks, little people farm animals, her "beep beep" aka: their sit/push car, puppy, her doll, balls, toy phone

Words- Ashlyn doesn't say as much as Alton but she says a lot more than she used to lol.  She babbles all the time though with her own little language.  It's really cute. 

dada, mama, puppy, sookie, mamen (amen), touch down, she said cow a few times yesterday, she signs "more", done, ah-doo (water), baba (bottle), beep-beep (for her car), dahwee (dolly), hi, bye, bump, bahbee (strawberry)... I think that's about it

Ashlyn also loves going to the park.  We just have to watch her like a hawk because she'll stuff thick mulch pieces in her mouth haha.

She loves dogs.  She can spot them like a mile away.  She just chants "puppy! puppy!" over and over and I'm like.. sorry kid... no puppy.. and then as we get further down the road, I see the dog she was going nuts about.  It's really cute.

She loves being held and cuddled.  If we are holding Alton she also must be held at the same time. :)  She loves her blankets and walks around with it quiet often.

I cannot get her to really drink from a cup.  She just doesn't care.  She'll suck out of a straw until the liquid gets to her lips and then she stops and just pretends she's sucking.  It's the weirdest thing.  So, bottles are still a must for her.  Rats.  I so wanted to be done with those.  Oh well, every kid is different and goes at their own pace.  She is eating better.  She has her moments of hoarding food in her cheeks and refusing to swallow, but she eventually does.  Progress is progress, right??

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Vanessa said...

what fun kids, and how fun to see their own personalities developing more and more!