Sunday, September 1, 2013

7 and 8 month update

I've been working on their 7mo post for a while.  However, everything started to melt together from 7 and 8 months... so I'm combining the updates!  I promise a lot of pictures :)

We have started a new schedule!  We wouldn't have to be so nit picky with the "schedule" if we didn't have twins.  I would just go even more crazy without it! Eating every 4 hours and 2 naps during the day.  In bed by 7:30pm for the night.  I still have to start feeding Ashlyn a half hour before Alton.  We start our day at 6:30am.  It's not that I'm not a morning person... but I can't wait for the day when I can set my alarm for after 7am! That'll be a while...    Ashlyn apparently feels the same way :)

 On to what new things the babies are up to :)




-Ashlyn sometimes will "drum" on this bowl with wooden spoons.  It's hilarious to watch.  Most of the time when she has the bowl in front of her she will knock on it :)  It's cute. (This picture was taken way before the 8mo pictures... lol we wear this outfit often, I guess- haha)

 -Ashlyn can now sit unsupported no problem!  She can even sit herself up on her own when she gets on her side/tummy.

-Her reflux is doing so much better! She doesn't have to sit for a full half hour after a bottle anymore.  She is still not fun to feed when she is awake.. but it's a work in progress

-Can reach for toys and then sit back up

-Isn't crawling, but she will get on her tummy and scootch herself forward (face dragging the whole way) and then turn over once she gets to the toy she really wants. She can get up on all fours and move back and forth.  The girl rolls all over the place!

 -A tooth started to cut on August 17th (looking at her- bottom front right)  You can see her top front teeth coming too.

 -Ashlyn isnt' very enthusiastic with solids (surprise surprise).  It takes her a half hour to take close to 2oz.

-Finally got into GI doctor- he wants us to see a feeding specialist.  After a few phone calls I was able to schedule her to see a feeding specialist on Sept. 9th.  Crossing fingers this will be good for her.  They told me to bring her favorite eating utensils and food.... hmm... little do they know she doesn't have a favorite.  The food she'll eat faster than the others is avocado... so I guess that's a favorite haha

-On August 27th- Ashlyn started "clapping".  I will clap and then she will (most of the time.. sometimes she just looks at me like I'm crazy and then will go about playing as usual).  Then there are times where I catch her just clapping to herself. 




-Alton started on August 17th- when he is on his belly- he can move to a sitting position all by himself.  At 7 mo he still didn't care to be on his tummy. He doesn't spend a lot of time on his tummy now, but he will get on his tummy to reach for things and he will move around.  Not crawling really... more like he puts one leg under him, scootches on his rump and pushes with the other leg.  It's quite comical to watch.. He can sure get around.  He tries to pull himself up when holding on to different things.

 -He can turn himself while he's sitting to reach for toys.  He'll also reach really far for a toy and then sit back up.  His loves playing with this rattle that sort've looks like a phone, he loves playing with balls, toy piano and this house that we have that makes noises when you press different buttons.

-Loves to eat solids.  He will down like 4oz of whatever you are feeding him.

-Alton loves peaches!! Even when he seems done with his "meal"- he will always make room for peaches.

-First tooth cut on August 27th (looking at him: bottom front left)

-When Ashlyn is near, he will pull her hair and sometimes it ends up like this...

-I've been trying to get a video of it, but I always miss it.  Alton does what we call "propeller lips".  Like a raspberry, but not.  His lips vibrate together and he makes noises while he does it.  He'll just sit and play while he does it. 

-Naps in his swing- we finally got one that plugs into the wall!

-He can be grumpy (what baby isn't??) but he sure is such a happy little boy.

-He loves blankets.  When he is super cranky, I will put a blanket on his head and he will be all smiles.


-Now sit in the cart at the grocery store!!  They love sitting in it and being able to look around.  It's our Saturday family outing (mommy and daddy like it because it turns into our lunch with all their free samples!)  It's funny to watch how Alton sits in the cart.  He always has to have a leg up and looks all "gangsta" haha :)

-Both Babies LOVE our cat, Sookie.  They get so excited when she comes strolling in.  They just stop what they're doing and just stare at her and sometimes giggle.  Sookie doesn't feel the same way, but she at least hangs out with us all day in the same room for the most part and keeps her distance :)

 - We took them to the playground and they loved swinging! Alton was too interested in the cars going by to look at the camera, but they still had fun.

Foods we've tried since last post:
-Peach (Alton's favorite)
-green beans
-squash (both liked)
-zucchini (both babies like this)
-prunes (Alton LOVES them- esp when mixed with apple)
-Pumpkin (with banana)
-puffs (Ashlyn will eat these!! woohoo!)

Random happenings:
The smoke detector went off in the baby's room the other night while we were sleeping (before you freak out- there wasn't a fire). We heard it on the monitor and had no idea at first what it was.  Then because that alarm was going off, our alarm in our bedroom started to go off.  I've been sick so I had taken some medicine to help me sleep.  I was so out of it and I started freaking out that there was a fire. Turns out that the battery was dying and it was beeping to let us know.  Luckily for us, the babies slept through it. I'm so thankful that Jon was home and wasn't traveling when this happened!!!

Jon had another trip to Canada in August. We survived here at home!  We missed daddy a lot though and were so happy when he came home!  I was getting over pneumonia and that was no fun (still have the cough that's left over.. ugh....)

Jon's sister, Beth was so kind and took our pictures again as a family (a few days before the babies turned 8mo).  I am so excited to see them all! She posted a preview on her blog:

Thank you, Beth!!  

Life has sure been an adventure (and it sure isn't easy!!), but we are so thankful to have these special babies in our family.  We sure do love those nuggets!  They are such a joy and they bring so much happiness and light into our lives. 


Camber said...

Great update! I love the picture of them in the grocery cart and the one of Alton pushing on Ashlynn's head. That about sums up my own childhood with brothers :)

Makenna said...

these pictures! those cuties! makes me so happy for you!