Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mother's Day

Last year on Mother's day Jon and I had a hunch that IVF worked, but we hadn't gotten the official  word from the doctor.  The day after mother's day is when we found out.  So timely :)

Now that I am a mom, it is surreal.  I still look at these babies and think, "I have TWO kids???"  and I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing :) 

Some things I love about being a mom:

-Going to get the babies from their cribs and they just start smiling really big, flapping their arms and kicking their feet because they are so happy. 
-Bath time.  They both make the funniest faces when they're in the tub.  Alton loves to splash... he thinks we need a bath too. He kicks his legs and waves his arms in the water. :)  Ashlyn makes a lot of noises and splashes with her hands.
-Watching them grow into their own personalities
-Hearing them laugh

There are so many things I could list.  They are really special babies and they fit in perfectly with us. 


Kaylynn said...

I LOVE those pictures... beautiful mom and adorable kids!! :)

Camber said...

Great pictures and happy Mother's Day! They should have an extra Mother's Day for parents with twins. I think you're amazing :)