Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Schedule shift

The babies are just super grumpy when it comes to eating.  When they aren't eating, they are happy, smiling... and just generally really good babies.  I have no clue about this feeding thing, but it makes for really rough times.  I've never met a baby who didn't like to eat... until these two came into the world :)  I keep asking Heavenly Father what I'm supposed to be learning from this.  Patience?  I have no idea.   All I know is that I'm tired of writing every single ml down that they drink and having to count everything up during the day.

They refuse to eat when propped up on boppy pillows too.  I've even tried both in bouncy seats and that was a no go.  So, I end up feeding them one at a time and they scream all the way through it. They also both take a half hour or longer to eat, so there is always one waiting to be fed or to get attention.  I saw this product online yesterday called "table for two" and wished that it wasn't so darn expensive ($250)! I'd be so willing to try it out if I could try it for free.  If It worked though for the babies... I'd be all over that and I'd gladly spend the money!  Anyone want to donate?? :)

I feel awkward whenever people are watching us feed them... it just looks like we are just forcing them to eat.  It feels terrible.  However, if we don't, they don't eat.  I've gotten the comments like "sure looks like they don't want that...."  well, of course they don't... but they have to eat!

At the 4mo appointment the nurse asked if they were both taking over 30oz/day.  I laughed to myself because I'm just proud that Ashlyn takes over 20 a day!  Alton hits 30oz and sometimes more, so he is right on par.

We have gone back and forth on changing their schedule to spread out feedings.  When we did this the first time, Ashlyn didn't make up for what she lost and we had to start getting her up in the middle of the night.  She just doesn't cry to let us know she's hungry.  The 2nd night in the hospital she was in the nursery.  They didn't feed her at all.  Why?  Because she didn't cry to let them know.  They had a lot of other babies in there that night and they were going off of cues.  That's great and works for most babies, but for our little Ashlyn, she doesn't care to eat.  I remember that next morning when the nurse brought her back in and looked at her chart and was like "well, Ashlyn last ate at... Oh my gosh!  9pm lastnight!!"  It was 9am... and there she was just looking around and not crying.

So, this has been our struggle with her.  Now, Alton has problems while he eats.  I know it's reflux, because he arches and screams and starts coughing... but when he stops eating... he's fine and full of smiles.  Feeding time makes me cringe and I hate that.  There is nothing wrong with them other than a little reflux.  They are just picky babies and they want you to know it lol.

Today we are staring to transition them to a different schedule.  I am beyond nervous.  The 7am feeding went ok so far... but Ashlyn put up a fuss halfway through.  I was able to feed Alton while he was half asleep, but that's a rarity that I can get him to be half asleep so he'll take his bottle.  It's so ridiculous lol.

New Feed and Nap Schedule:

7am:  feeding #1
9am:  nap
10:30-11:30am:  feeding #2
12:30pm:  nap
2pm:  feeding #3
4pm: nap
5:30pm:  feeding #4
7pm:  bath
7:30: cat nap
9pm: feeding #5... hopefully with them half asleep
9:30-9:45: put babies down for the night.  Silence :)

We will have to do this for a few days to see how it sticks.  Ashlyn will probably go down with how much she eats, but I just have to trust that she will learn and take enough. I know that she won't wake us in the middle of the night.  She has only ever done that 3x.. ever.  It was always Alton who got us up and then we would just wake her up because he was up.  So, we might have to do a midnight feeding or a 1am thing for a little bit... I really don't want to.  So, we will see how this goes once we hit the weekend.  Jon will be home and we can reevaluate.

We do run into a slight problem on one Sunday a month though.  I teach a lesson the 2nd Sunday every month at my church and that starts at 11am.  Let's just hope the babies eat faster by then... fat chance :)  So, for those of you in Relief Society, I apologize in advance if I seem a bit frazzled or covered in throw up.

If you see us feeding and think to yourself "Why are they forcing those poor babies to eat??"  Just know that we hate it too... but right now, it's the only way.

I can do it, I can do it!  :)  Wish me luck today... I need it!  Diet coke... I might just have to use you today haha.

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