Wednesday, December 12, 2012

drum roll please..... 35 WEEKS!

Wow!  I honestly can't believe we have made it this far!  It's exciting!

We had an ultrasound yesterday and both babies are doing so well!  Baby boy (baby A) is still breech and baby girl is head down.  I'm pretty positive baby boy isn't going to move lol.  There just isn't any room left.  They will be happy to be out of there I think- so they can stretch out!  Baby boy's head is resting on his sister's belly... talk about a pain in the gut!  Okay, sorry.. I couldn't resist.  The measurements were really hard to get because of how squished they were, but they are estimating that baby boy is 5lbs 3 oz and that baby girl is 5lbs 5oz.  Before you say "oh that's wonderful!" did you do the math on that??  That's 10.5lbs of baby!  Just baby.  No fluid involved.  I'm feeling a bit miserable lol.

My doctor isn't in the office on Tuesdays so I had to go back in today for that visit.  I had blood tests done yesterday and she had the results back today.  She is upping my thyroid meds.. wonderful.  I asked her what the chances of the hypothyroidism going away after the babies come and she said that I will probably have this the rest of my life.  Then she was like "but the good news is that your carpal tunnel will go away!"  That's the spirit!  Looking on the bright side lol.

Anyways, she was talking to me and she was like "really, how are you feeling?"  I said my usual, "I'm fine" and then she said "I think those who have gone to such lengths to get pregnant feel like they can never complain, but you have every right to complain!  It doesn't make you less grateful!"  It made me smile to hear her say that.  So then she asked again "so how are you feeling?"  I answered honestly and just told her I'm just miserable lol.  Then I went on to say that I really can't see myself going to 39 weeks like she wants me to.  However, it sounds like it's more about the insurance companies who are making them change their policies.  Seriously- men in suits are the ones who are making these policies!  They aren't the ones carting around 10.5lbs of baby at 35 weeks pregnant!  They can probably still fit in the same shoes and clothes too! LOL  Oh well. 

My doctor just kept looking over my information and just saying how amazed she was with me and how well I'm doing.  She just looked at me and said "It will be interesting to see how far your body will let you go".  She's happy with the growth of the babies and she said that they are both growing as if they were singleton babies.  She threw in the comment of "you are really good at this pregnant thing!"  I then thought in the back of my mind, "then why did it take me so long to get pregnant" lol.  She checked my cervix and it's completely closed.  She said I'm at 50% for the length.. but I'll be honest.. my brain is lacking in the memory department on that part.  Either way, it's still really good.  She also measured my belly.  Her eyes just went wide.  She was like a normal woman at full term should measure around 40.. and you are measuring at 42.  Way to go, body! 

Anyways, I am now going to be seeing her every week up until my due date (unless the babies decide to make their debut earlier).  She had me schedule all those appointments and then I got scheduled for a c-section.  So, if my body decides to play the hero... we are scheduled for Jan. 9th (a week before my due date) at 12:30pm!  4 weeks at most!  Crazy!

There is so much more I want to write and so much I need to catch up on.  However, my fingers went numb after the 2nd paragraph... There are just so many people I need to recognize and thank for everything they have done for us and for the kind acts of service we have received.  My heart is full and I can't thank everyone enough for their kindness and support.  We are truly blessed to have amazing family and friends.  I will have to catch up on all of that a little later :) 


Stephanie C. said...

That's awesome!!! I had a friend pregnant with twins. Before one doctor's appointment she did a little dance in the elevator (37 weeks with 7 pound boys) and it spiked her heart rate so high that they took the babies that day! Just a little tip in case you want to move things along :) LOL

Shannon said...

Crystal, I'm so proud of you! Your doctor is right, you have every right to complain at this point. 35 weeks is a great accomplishment but I also know your body has been pushed to great limits. You are going to have 2 beautiful babies after all this us done and I know it seems like forever now but it will be here before you know it. Keep up the good work! We love you and are thinking of you! Hoping for a few quick coming weeks for you.

Vanessa said...

This post rocks! We are so happy for you and Jon. Your doctor sounds like a great person, very understanding. I bet that feels surreal to know that you will have you babies by Jan 9th at the latest! And yay for the carpel tunnel pain going away :)

Camber said...

Yay, Crystal! It's nice to have a deadline at least. Hopefully once you hold those adorable babies all this misery will fade away--I honestly can't imagine having TWO of these inside me! Hard as it is, the plus side is less NICU time for them if they make it longer and are nice and fat and healthy when they come out. Hang in there!