Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sorry that we've been MIA

It has been a little while.  So, I'll just put up a few "points" of what we've been up to :-)

-Christmas was great.  We went with Jon's parents and his sister, Leanna to a nursing home to go caroling.  It was a wonderful way to spend our time and to also serve others.  We really enjoyed it.  It was good to have Leanna home from break from BYU.  We don't get to see her very often anymore so it was good to see her.  We spent a lot of time over that break with Jon's family.  This is the first year we've really had family to spend the holidays with.  I really enjoyed myself.  Also, Jon was able to take some time off from work, so that was nice that we were able to spend a lot time together.

-New Years was mostly uneventful.  However, we discovered that we get a pretty good fireworks show that we can see from our upstairs windows!  That's another thing.  I don't remember ever seeing a fireworks show on new years... ever!  So, it was really neat! New Years day Jon and  I went up to Kingwood to volunteer at a marathon that I was going to run.  However, with this knee injury, running a marathon was out of the question.  I enjoyed being able to be on the other side of everything.  I'm always the one racing.  It was nice to give back :)  Jon was a good sport to come and help me too.

-My dad and his friend, Eleanor were able to come to town to visit us on Jan. 7th-11th.  I was so grateful that they were able to come down here to see our new home. I hope that next time I can show them more things.  Eleanor had quite a few migraines so that kept us home for most of their stay.  I was at least able to take them to Studio Movie Grille.  That was a nice experience for them.  Eleanor also wanted to look around the grocery stores.  So, we spent a lot of time in the grocery stores too.

-During their visit... Jon was called to Atlanta for some training for work.  Yes, that's right... during the 6" snow storm that completely shut the city down.  He got into Atlanta on Sunday and ended up having to take a train to a completely different hotel.  Hotel wasn't prepared and didn't have any food.  So, the next day he and a few other stranded co-workers headed out to see what they could find for food.  Heh, the only place open was a bar.  They went in and ordered and realized their waiter had an excess amount of eyeliner on and then they noticed there was only a men's restroom... it was a gay bar.  We had a good laugh when he told me.  One of his co workers got a few passes made at him so he took his food to go :-) hehe.  Finally on Monday night he and his co workers were picked up and taken to the convention center they were supposed to be at.  He came home on Thursday night.

-Then on Saturday (15th) we flew out to see my family in NH.  They also has just finished with a massive storm.  18" of snow!!  Unlike Atlanta, they were a little more prepared and the area was only shut down for most of one day so we didn't have any delays or anything like that.  We were picked up by my dad and we headed up to my brother Shane's house for our yearly family holiday party.  It was so great to see everyone too!  The only one missing was my nephew, Seth, who unfortunately had to work.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  On the 16th we flew home in the afternoon (super short visit).  I was able to see my bff, Charlene :-)  She came over to my dad's house while I was going through boxes of things that my dad asked me to look at.  My sister, Shannon and her family came by for a while too.  It was a great 24 hours.

-Jon found out he will be traveling for 9 weeks starting at the very end of January to Tulsa for work.  He'll be home on weekends.  I struggle being alone at night, but I am getting better.  Today we actually got an alarm system put in.  Jon has wanted one for a while and we were offered a good deal and he jumped on it.  I am thankful that we got one.  I will at least feel a little better at night while he is gone. 

-My work schedule has now changed.  I am now working M-F in the mornings instead of MWF.  I figure that I can make a little extra money and this will also get me out of the house while Jon is gone.


bethany said...

You know, in a way I'm kind of not surprised that Jon didn't notice it was a gay bar at first. He always was really slow on the uptake :)

Anne said...

Crystal, remember you can come and visit or stay with us anytime.

Shannon said...

It was great to see you Crystal... I knew all that was going on but to read it you've been so busy the past month!!! Wow!

allie said...

K, the gay bar story is my favorite! Hope you guys are doing well. We miss you

Ashley and Devon said...

You went to Kingwood?! I am so jealous-we weren't there for the holidays or we would have called you guys! I hope you guys are doing well, we need to catch up soon!

Leanna said...

yay for a new blog post!

The Strongs said...

Ah ha ha, gay bar. Thanks for sharing that story, it brightened my day a little. And also, what a bummer that your husband has to travel for 9 weeks! I hope that you don't miss him too bad.