Thursday, December 23, 2010

4 Years of Fun

Just check out this fantastic looking couple!

Today we celebrated 4 years of blissful marriage! With my taking time off of work for the holidays, we took an opportunity to go through the temple together. As my normal work schedule makes this difficult, I really enjoyed the opportunity to go with Crystal.

Afterwards we found the nativity on the temple grounds and got another picture. Aren't the lights and clouds neat?

We wanted to go to a nice restaurant for our anniversary dinner so Crystal googled (Jeff: I mean binged!!) romantic restaurants Houston. Peli Peli was the first result that popped up.

It seemed to have good reviews so I decided to take Crystal to the most romantic restaurant in Houston, also conveniently down the street from the temple.

We ate under a simulated tree that changes different glowing colors.
We were excited about our food.

Here's why:

Also because we're fans of Cupcake Wars on Food Network we got excited when we found a fancy cupcake shoppe (it was fancy, so it's not a 'shop') right outside Peli Peli. We had to buy a couple specialty cupcakes. I had eggnog flavored, Crystal got pumpkin spice.
Yum! Also note the heavenly light that seems to be shining right on the cupcakes...and my wife :)

Crystal, the last 4 years have been the best of my life. So many exciting experiences, and I am so excited for the next 4 (and the eternity after that). I love you.


Vanessa said...

what a sweet post, and a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

Anna W said...

Congratulations! Marriage is wonderful and I'm glad you two are so happy together. Keep blogging, cuz I love reading about your adventures!

bethany said...

YAY for Jon for bringing a fantastic sister in law in the family!! And that food looks awesome!

Clyde J Criddle said...

We're glad you guys live so close to us.

Shannon said...

Loved how you guys celebrated! Must go to fancy restaurants sometimes! Miss you guys can't wait to see you next week!