Sunday, October 24, 2010

October where did you come from?

Yeah, you can say it... I've been neglecting this blog.  I guess I just feel like I don't have much to write about sometimes.  At least nothing that others would find interesting.  I am trying to be better about that.  I will work on it, promise!

So for the month of September Jon spent his weeks in Dallas working with a client.  He would leave on Mondays and come home on Thursdays.  I won't lie, on my end, it was a little rough without him here.  However, it gave me an opportunity to get out of my comfort zone a little bit.  My ward is really good about having little activities on the side for anyone who wants to be involved.  I am usually one of those girls who likes to go to things like that with other people instead of showing up alone knowing no one.

So, I signed up to be apart of a book club and I was able to go to that while Jon was gone.  The first book we read was: To Kill A Mockingbird.  In HS I had a few hippie english teachers who very rarely had us read the "classics" that everyone else was reading.  I was in more advanced classes but always ended up with weirdos for teachers.  So, this was my first time reading it and I LOVED it!  I am really thankful for the book club because I was able to meet some really nice ladies and make a few good friends.  Other than book club I was able to sign up for a once a month "lunch bunch" group and so far that has been really fun.  We just meet up at someone's house with a dish/dessert to share and we meet new people and just hang out.  Nothing fancy or anything like that. 

So, as some of you may have heard, there is a new furry member of our family :-)  The 2nd to last week of September when Jon was home over the weekend, we decided to get a cat.  Her name is Sookie (Suki... however you want to spell it).  Her being around has definitely helped whenever  Jon has had to travel.  She is an indoor cat too.  She loves everything that dangles and her favorite toy is this puff ball on a string that she carries with her almost everywhere she goes.  She's funny like that :-)  Heh, note: she has a lot of hair in her ears... we joke whenever people comment on it and we always say "to better hear you"  haha... okay so we think it's funny. 

Last weekend our friends the Phillips came out from San Antonio to visit.  We loved having them here!  They have a little boy who is 2 years old and he LOVED playing with Sookie.  We played at the park, watched football, the boys put up a really nice ceiling fan (thank you guys so much!), and we hit up the outlet mall and just hung out.  It was really nice to be able to have good friends come and stay here.  Jon and I had a lot of fun catching up with their family.  Thanks for coming! 

This last week, Jon was in Chicago for training.  He says their deep dish pizza isn't as great as every one says.  I think it was just the place they got the pizza from :-)  I told him that if we ever go to Chicago- we'll go somewhere legit.

This weekend we spent the night in Huntsville, TX because I had a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) race there Saturday (yesterday, 10/23).  I will write more details on it on my running blog so I don't bore you all :-)    I was able to run it in under 2 hours!  My time was 1:52!  I placed 2nd in my age group as well.  It was a challenging course with a ton of hills. 

 That's all for now.  Life is going well and we are settling into this new area.  I am still working my job with kids and enjoying that very much.  Jon is enjoying his job- we both just wish his hours were a little less sometimes.  His current project will keep him in Houston for the next month though and maybe longer after that.  So, I don't have to worry about him traveling any time soon. 


Anna W said...

I've been watching your runs that you post on Facebook and I am SO IMPRESSED with how far you can go! And so fast!

Also, your new kitty is adorable-especially her ears. :)

Jessica and Garrett (but mostly Jessica!) said...

Wow! It sounds like you guys have been super busy, but have been having super amounts of FUN!

Love your kitty... she is a darling little fuzzball. I want one!