Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm on a boat

After graduating from BYU and finishing our move to Texas in this beast:

Note: This truck wasn't just for our stuff - we shared a truck with friends to each save mucho dinero on the move

We were treated to be able to go on a 7-day Caribbean cruise with my parents! I have wanted to go on a cruise for YEARS! Think about it, I eat basically constantly (thank heavens for fast metabolism) and on a cruise you just eat...all the time! Like chocolate and peanut butter or anything mixed with ketchup, I was just meant for cruising.

About to leave Galveston - Don't we have the look of pure 7-days-of-cruising joy?

We checked into our room which looked and felt like an oversized airplane bathroom (complete with the super-flushing toilet). We dropped out bags and headed up to the main deck.

Over the course of the 7 days there are two formal nights where the men dress up in tuxes and the ladies in their gowns. The first formal evening was the second day.

Kinda like Titanic...except without the icebergs and screaming and death...

Here we are at the first formal night eating dinner with my parents. Two lovely ladies and two guys who look like James Bond! Rather dashing!

Alas even over 7 days it just wasn't long enough and all too soon we returned back to Houston.

I know this is a short post, but it's simply not possible to talk about everything from a 7-day cruise and this at least gives you some pictures. I will try however. Over the course of the week I will put a single post for each of our port-of-calls on the trip (Jamaica, Kayman Islands, Cozumel Mexico) so you can enjoy them to.


The Cooper Family said...

It looks like a fun trip! I love your "titanic" picture. You two look great!

Michelle said...

Looks like the tickets have turned to diamonds :) I just want to say a big YOWZA to Crystal. I remember that dress, and you are workin' it.

Jon said...

Because I was in a tux and her dress (creamy yellow) was so close to white, while we were taking pictures we had to keep fielding questions from people about if we had just gotten married