Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Okay... I must apologize. I promise we haven't been hibernating. I need to get out of the habit of saying "nothing really happened today that's blog post worthy". Because that's not really true.

First things first- I had my first real fortune cookie sale! I got an order of 6 doz! Jon was such a sport and helped me out a lot! I was so impressed with our packaging too! However, when we brought it to the post office the guy stamping it was just slamming the box... he should've just sat on it or something. I mean, we did tell him that they were super fragile like 10x and he could've at least pretended that he wasn't going to smash it while we were standing there watching him. Oh well. The majority of the cookies made it through okay and there were 7 out of 72 that were broken upon arrival. I blame the post office guy. All in all- I was really happy with it and I am excited about the prospect of selling fortune cookies when we get to TX.

This weekend we went to our good friend, George's wedding. His wife is really sweet and we are really happy for them! We headed down to St. George and attended the sealing at the temple. It was beautiful and the sealer gave a lot of really good advice that I am really trying to take to heart. It was so nice to be there to support and congratulate them :-)

Other big news!! My brother, Scott and his wife Angel had their 2nd baby boy this morning! He is quite the big little guy! 9lbs 7 oz! We are so happy for them! I wish we could be there to meet him. Some day :-) He won't remember if we were there or not, right? This makes 10 grandkids on my side of the family. So awesome! Both mom and baby are doing well. Congrats to Scott, Angel, Hunter and new baby boy :-)

To not make this so ridiculously long- we are starting to pack our stuff up for the big move! Talk about nerve racking! We are reserving the truck before Friday. We will be sharing a truck with our good friends, Nate & Jess. So for those of you who see us drive up into Villa Rose with a huge truck... no... we don't have enough stuff to fill that thing :-) Also, we are having a "Going Away Party" on April 9th and if you'd like to come- please contact me!

Pictures of George's wedding to come! And new baby boy if I am able to :-)


Suzana said...

george got married! congrats to him! i never talk to him, but if you do, tell him congrats from me! that's awesome. good luck with moving!

Anne said...

I don't remember you telling us last night that you went to the wedding. I'm so glad you did. I remember George "went" to your wedding as well. We'll go to the open house this Saturday night.