Monday, November 30, 2009

I was awful at blogging this month...

Just wanted all of our "fans" out there to know that we are alive and well.... just really busy and there really isn't an end in sight at the moment. Life happens, right?

A few highlights of November:

-I survived the Snow Canyon Half Marathon on November 7th down in St. George! It was the hardest course I have ever run, but I did really well and I was so glad that I wasn't wearing earmuffs for this race like the one on Halloween!! Jon and I had a really great time in St. George. It was a nice little weekend getaway.

- BYU basketball has kicked off and we've been to quite a few games so far. I am so glad we were able to take advantage of season tickets!! Go Cougars!!

- I had a 4mile race on Thanksgiving morning. The race was called "Earn Your Turkey Run". It was so cold at the start! I passed a sign that had the temperature listed and it said 24 degrees! Burr! I really enjoyed the run and was happy I did it- hehe... I had a little less guilt when we had our thanksgiving meal later on.

- On Thanksgiving we were able to spend it with Jon's sister's in-laws. It was a lot of fun and the food was fantastic! We contributed 2 pies: Apple cranberry and pumpkin banana. Then "Black Friday" we went shopping and we pretty much got all of our Christmas shopping done (not that we have a ton to do.. haha)

- The rest of the weekend was relaxed and we had a basketball game. BYU vs. Weber- it was an awesome game and BYU won! Then on Saturday BYU football: BYU vs. Utah. Another amazing game! BYU won in overtime.

Other than that... Jon is really busy with school and is just counting down the days until finals. Once finals come- that means he is done with all his crazy projects. This has been his most stressful semester- so much for "senior-itis" hehe.

I have just been busy with work and doing my running thing still. So far I have lost about 25lbs. Crazy! Let's just say... I am need of some new clothes. I'm really in need of pants. It's bad. Which brings me to a very small rant... I am a petite. Why can't stores make better petite clothes??? People tell me- just go get regular size pants and bring it to a tailor.... that's a nice idea.. but I'd rather be able to buy my pants and have them be the right size the first time and not have pay extra. Did you know that the alterations for my wedding dress equaled the amount of my entire dress?? It's ridiculous. I know... a wedding dress doesn't fall under the same category as jeans... but still! Then you have the petite sections in places like Kohls and it looks like an old lady's wardrobe exploded.... elastic waists and all. Okay.. rant done. :-)

Again, sorry we didn't post much in November. We'll do better this month.


The Miguel Family said...

I agree with the petit is so hard to find pants that are the right length. hope all is well with you!

JoSue said...

Wow, seriously. You are AMAZING Crystal. I can't believe how many races you've inspire me. I wish I was around for you to talk me into all those races. I got an early Christmas present of a road bike so I'm hoping to get serious about it!

CONGRATS on the 25lbs. I'm sure you look amazing!!

Megan said...

Shopping for jeans when you're petite just stinks. Jean shopping is hard enough!
You have done so many races! And 25 lbs?! That is so awesome. You need to celebrate with a whole new wardrobe or something!

Crystal said...

Megan!! Okay, so I don't have any of your contact info and I can't access your blog.. but we really need to catch up. How's Bentonville treating you??? Also, I was reading on your profile.. are you a mommy now?? seriously... send me your contact info and i really want to read your blog! Hope all is well :-)

Leah said...

Crystal I thought you had a sewing machine(?) I am constantly hemming Logan's pants about 9 inches up, he's got french-men short legs and he always begs me to taper them in so the pants aren't floppy at the ankles. I occasionally have to do up a hem on my pants cause I'm also considered petite....I think the 25lbs loss it fantastic, I need to lose some myself...