Monday, September 8, 2008

Everyone has a friend who looks like me

I had a realization today, after I think 5 more occurrences of the same scenario just this afternoon.

The realization is that one of these two things is true: Either my memory is already going at a young age, or I just have 'one of those faces'.

Now I admit upfront that I cannot remember a name to save my life. At youth dances growing up it was routine for me to forget the girl's name before the song ended. "Thanks Jonathan" "". With that admitted, I do pride myself on the ability to remember a face. Never a name but usually the face.

I have noticed, pretty much ever since the mission and especially since Crystal and I have been back in Provo, that I have been bombarded with comments of "Do I know you? You look so familiar, like really really familiar!" with amazing frequency. I have no memory of ever seeing these people before (which usually means I haven't - usually remember a face), but the sheer number have left me no other option than, either my mind is going, or I just look like everyone's best friend.

I definitely don't mind looking like everyone's friend, it is definitely a very good thing, I just never thought that by looking at myself in the mirror.

Then again, maybe both are true, because my mind hasn't exactly had a perfect record recently


bethany said...

I always thought you were a little "off"--and I've known you a long long time...

Everyone always asks me if my sister/cousin/mother/aunt is so-and-so. Apparently I look like a lot of people's relatives. Little do they know that I don't even look like my own relatives!!

And as for that comment from the other day, I really have nothing to say... I doubt Crystal is surprised by you at this point :)

amber and cody said...

Hey, you look just like a friend of mine who married a girl named Crystal and did an internship in Arkansas this summer... weird

Anne said...

Remember when we thought it was you in that BYU photo of a guy at the hunger banquet? I still swear it was you and you just won't admit it.

Crystal said...

10 bucks that was him at the hunger banquet! We went when we were dating. We were in the group that sat on the floor who ate chips and salsa. So, he has been to one. If it is him- I'll admit it for him because I was there too :-)