Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A friend of ours called us and told us about a drive through safari located in Northwest Arkansas of all places. It was supposed to have 2 petting zoos and a drive through part. Well, we honestly weren't expecting much more than house-cats (let's face it, what kind of safari would be here?!?!) but were amazingly surprised! Apparently it used to be an exotic animal shelter and has since turned into an attraction. Check it out:

It started out pretty much exactly like we expected. There were the classic animals: goats, chickens, roosters, pigs.

Yes, this is a goat eating Crystal

After what happened in the above picture, can you tell why I was a little nervous while posing for this one?

Heh, his fat has successfully removed his face. We saw this guy earlier walking around. I kid you not, his belly was dragging on the ground while he was walking. That can't be healthy, even for a pig.

'I like to move it move it'

'What's a little biting of the buttocks among friends? C'mon, have a nibble.' The lemur was licking and grooming Crystal's hair. Also this is just after it pooped on our friend.
It was fun because the lemur would wander around and scope out whoever was nearest a tree, then when you didn't expect it, it would just suddenly start climbing you.

They also had a baby man-eating tiger cub. It was only 6 weeks old. Isn't it cute? - of course that is before it turns into a giant man-eating tiger

Score one for Arkansas elementary education. I believe it's actually spelled 'Llama'
And another one! No wonder people out here can be so confused. Just to add, there actually was a zebra there, only it wasn't in a pen or anything, it was out on the safari part - far from its sign.

They had peacocks EVERYWHERE just wandering around. Because they can fly (sort of), they just flew in and out of every cage, petting area, safari section, etc. Here I caught one showing off for his lady friend.
He cornered her and started shaking his booty really fast making a rattling noise. I think she isn't interested, pal.

How many people do you know who can say that they have played with a Kangaroo? Now we have too!
Then there was the safari part. I just took this picture of basking llamas because they're actually in this really mucky swamp pond, and it was so thick with vegetation that there were no viewable ripples whenever they moved, so it seemed more like they had no legs.
The driving part was very interesting. It was amazing to me to see Texas longhorns, Desert camels, and African wildebeest all living in the same area of Northwest Arkansas. Can there be a stranger combination?

The camels seemed particularly interested in the cars. They would routinely come up to the car and stick the head up to our windows. Here was one in the road. He saw us coming and immediately lowered his head and started walking towards us. We veered to the side to let him pass, and he immediately followed us, coming right up to the windows, slobbering all over them (lucky it wasn't our car!)

Lastly we came to the big cat section. There were two layers of fences and then everyone in this section was also in a car, I'm assuming for safety. The funny part, which I wish I got a picture of, was just to the left of where the tigers are (between fences one and two) were two donkeys just standing there. There was a large sign saying "horses and donkeys are lawn mowers, not food!", but the tigers did not get the memo. They just leered and paced back and forth, mere feet away from their pray, longingly watching
We'll make a web album of all the pictures we took soon and have a link to that for y'all soon.


amber & cody said...

Dude I am so jealous, that looks like so much fun!! So what exactly would I have to bribe you with to have you sneak back in and bring that Lemur home to UT for me?? :) I'm glad he became such fast friends with Crystal! Hehe, you guys should sneak in at night (when you're getting my lemur for me...) and paint the actual names of the animals on the signs! Silly Arkansas people!

amber & cody said...

Post Script...
I like the title of the post, very creative, was this Jon's doing I'm guessing?? :)

Michelle said...

HAHAHA! This is so hilarious! I think the lemur, the goat eating Crystal, and the camels in the slimewater were enough to make the trip worth it for sure. I also like that by the camel in the cage that says "Giraffe" is a sign that says "My name is G-baby." Hahaha!

Suzana said...

hey! how are you guys? how was dinner at ottavios? :)

Andrew and Christina said...

Lemur! He's my favorite. Who would've thought?

bethany said...

Jakson would have loved the safari park. We might have left him there to live-he would've fit right in!!