Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring is here!

So, the past week or so- our lives have been a bit crazy. Jon had his last INTEX project and is officially done with his capstone project for his undergrad! He and his group members pulled a lot of late nights and all-nighters. I'm not the best for explaining all they had to do- but, they were programing on a server for a fake company that sells tickets for events like plays, movies, concerts.. etc... Then on Saturday morning they presented to their professors and also a few KPMG reps. YAHOO! It's over!! Then last day of class for him is on Tuesday and then come the rest of his finals. (this picture is of the building that Jon "lives" in. However, it's not very recent because they are building on to it on the side where the Y flag is.. so there is a big ugly hole there w/ a mostly finished smaller building that's attached to it... if you can imagine that.)

For me- this month is the craziest for me. We have about 40 units opening up and 40 couples moving in... all in about 5 days. It is going to be crazy! My boss (the owner) took off for his kid's spring break down to St. George- so he will be gone for most of this week. It's okay though- the only thing he left for me to do is March's financial statements. Maybe I should have gone into accounting...? :-)

Other than that.. Arkansas is coming soon!!! We leave May 14th and will drive across Wyoming, Nebraska, parts of Iowa and through Missouri. We are really excited!

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