Sunday, August 12, 2007


I am proud to say that I have completed 4/7weeks of training. In that time, 4 people have been "let go" from my group (kind've sad if you ask me...) and I have learned quite a bit about the company as a whole. I have also started to learn Comcast's computer system. It can be a bit confusing if you're not used to all the "codes", but it gets easier after a little while.

This week they got us on the phones. We hadn't had very much experience with the billing program or with the different sales or prices they have to offer at the moment, so we just had to put people on hold a lot and feel really sheepish about it. It was a good learning experience though. The only thing that stinks about putting people on hold is that the company times how long they're on hold and you could potentially lose any commissions you've made- bummer. I made a few sales and I'm starting to feel really good about answering questions about products and how to troubleshoot different things. At least my degree taught me how to "relate" to others better ;-).

The other thing that happened this week was that we finally got our schedules. All the schedules they had to offer weren't the prettiest, but we are at the bottom end after all. From all my test scores I am number one in the class and therefore- I got to pick from the schedules first. I will be working from 1pm-10pm MTWThF (first wk) then MTWTh-Sat. I at least get Sundays off! I'm just glad that I have a work schedule that'll match Jon's.

One more thing that i'll quickly mention is that- Comcast had a private company party at Boondocks yesterday. For those of you who aren't familliar with it- It's a mini golf place with go-karts, bumper boats, a climbing wall, arcade, batting cages...etc. The entire thing was free from 8am-7pm it included food, drinks and unlimited use of everything. Jon and I had a really good time! We showed up at around 1pm (after helping our friends move) and stayed for quite a while. It was worth it.

It may not be a glorious job- but, for all the free stuff they give out- it's worth it.

ps: our apt complex is ridiculous: comcast can't install cable or internet here... humph.


Clyde said...

Crystal, we are proud of your test scores and class rank. You are Number One with us too. Congrats! Bummer about Comcast not being able to install a cable in your complex. I guess you will be looking around for a more suitable apartment to move into.

Anne said...

Way to be #1 Crystal. A full time job with benefits (and Sunday's off)is a find in Utah. Grab for all the freebies you can get and drive safely.

Rosalia said...

No hookups with comcast? well time to move out then! Enough Said. Awesome job on making valedictorian in "comcast school" hahaha so you will never have two days off in a row? That's got to be tough but if you ever choose to call out on a Saturday it will make for a long weekend ;) Just don't do that too often cause then they will catch on and bad things can happen. Once will do.